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Decisions That Define Us

Throughout history, communities have had a Warrior Commission: a group of men and women with specialized skills and training to challenge their adversaries and win. These warriors would agree on a set of principles. They would decide together to live by them. Their decisions – how they would live and fight together – would define them.

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The Warrior Commission has specific Kingdom Assignments that are our primary focus.  Our prayers and training are contributing to our own identity, destiny and relationship with God as well as that of our passionate community.

These are our Kingdom Assignments:

  • To reveal the true nature of God and explore His ongoing invitation for deep, personal relationship with Him.
  • To develop a New Testament breed of Warriors, Champions and Influencers focused on the majesty of God.
  • To encourage and train in a joy-filled lifestyle of prayer where we pray with God, not at/towards Him.
  • To develop Kingdom influencers who mentor others by:
    • Redirecting people to pursue a majestic lifestyle with God, not only seeking Him for isolated situations or crises.
    • Encouraging responsibility for their personal development
    • Awakening and empowering people to live in their true identity and removing the need to strive or perform for validation of their value
    • Engaging passion for the emergence of Kingdom communities in any expression or location
    • Develop people to seek and establish themselves in the mind of Christ
  •    To establish and equip a New Testament prophetic people who: 
    • Live prophetically inspired, not reactionary lives
    • Are safe, impactful and focused on finding God’s heart for every circumstance
    • Who seek partnership with what God is doing and releasing
  • To ignite New Testament, Kingdom minded people who overcome religious  strongholds in views, understanding, language and actions.