Kingdom Assignments

The Warrior Commission focuses on God as our First Love. We explore all the possibilities found in His promises in the pursuit of joy filled wholeness!  Our goal is to become Jesus’s Kingdom Influencers that have learned how to passionately follow Him, come to Him and stay in Him as we release His love to the world around us.


These are our shared Kingdom Assignments:

  • To develop New Testament mindsets, as Warriors and Champions, captivated by the majesty of God.
  • To live out of the overflow of God’s true nature while exploring His permission for deep, personal relationship with Him.
  • To develop and promote a dynamic relationship with God in others
  • To see an intentional New Testament Kingdom people emerge and overcome religious strongholds in perceptions, mindsets, language and actions.
  • To facilitate a lifestyle of joyful prayer, partnering with God to bring heaven to earth in the process.
  • To awaken, establish and equip a New Testament prophetic people who:
    • Live prophetically inspired, not pastorally inclined lives
    • Are safe, impactful and focused
  • To encourage the maturing process of Kingdom lnfluencers who mentor through:
    • Awakening and empowering people in their true identities to take responsibility for their own development
    • Passion to see a Kingdom community emerge in any expression or location
    • Develop people in the mind of Christ focused on passionately pursuing God at all times.