Learning Styles – How They Impact You

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Learning and Receiving Styles: How they Impact Your TWC Process

 How Does Your Intelligence Manifest Best? 

We’ve learned that the #1 accusation that the enemy loves to use with TWCers is that everyone else is getting this better or faster than you are. It’s not true. Don’t believe it!

We have learned that everyone has their own style of perceiving, processing and working with information. One is not better than another, but it is incredibly helpful to understand and embrace how you learn best.

Some of our Warriors trained in the era of “Multiple Intelligence Theory” by Howard Gardner, who discovered that while traditional education focuses mostly on linguistic and mathematical intelligence, there are many ways in which people are smart! If you are highly articulate, logical, love to read or do math for fun, then school was probably a great place for you.

However, for people who are artistic, entrepreneurial thinkers, mechanically inclined, musical, think in pictures and/or are socially intelligent… school might not have been so great. If school was not a great experience for you, you are still an intelligent person. Everyone has a unique lens for the world and it’s important that we value them all.

Everyone is intelligent. It’s just a matter of how your intelligence manifests best.

It’s one of the reasons TWC has so many options. We’re not trying to overwhelm you. We want to have a variety of ways for you to experience your process in the way that you connect with most. And we want to create an environment of value and permission for you to discover that and pursue it.

It doesn’t matter how you process your journey or how fast you progress.

If it works for you… it works!

Organize your Level 1 process however you want. Take lots of notes or just a few. Talk into a recorder. Find pictures that connect with truths your learning. Do a little bit at a time and then let it go for a while…or save all your notes for one weekend and write it out all at once (yes, members have done that.) Work through your materials one at a time—or with several at once, discovering how they connect together and for you.

If it results in true Evidences of Transformation, if you are growing in being the Beloved of God and your relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is becoming deeper…if you understand more of who God created you to be, then you are moving forward. Let the Holy Spirit choose the pace, not your preconceived ideas of how it “should” be.  One of our member’s had a genius question:

Instead of saying “I can’t” – ask “How Will I Do This*?”

A popular lie of the enemy in TWC is that you are failing if your process looks different than others. On a Training Day, we asked over 100 members how many of them had to battle the enemy accusation that everyone else was getting it faster and better than they were. Almost EVERY hand went up… and then laughter broke out. We had all just discovered a powerful truth together and disarmed a lie meant to stop or slow your TWC experience.

So how can you do your training in a way that is authentic to you and produces the quality you want in your Training response? Ask the Holy Spirit and use your TWC resources and community.

Here are some practical ideas:
  1. Divide your self-paced training into bite size chunks that feel doable. When you adjust to that pace, try a little bit more and see what happens. Find your personal pace.
  2. Join an “All About Foundations” call and get support for organizing your process and exchange creative ideas to keep and record the brilliant ideas you have.
  3. Where there’s pressure to feel you’re not doing well, create an “Instead” list of who God says you really are and the permissions in TWC that are yours. Read aloud the Truth when what seems to be true wants to overwhelm.
  4. Don’t isolate. Jump into a call or Forum thread. You’re part of a bigger team on the same journey. Your experience is not unusual (remember all those raised hands at Training Day!). Smile that you’re getting to practice overcoming!

The enemy’s only hope of taking you out is to get you to give up, because God never gives up on you. In fact, He holds up a high bar of excellence, gives you the momentum of the Holy Spirit and the springboard of our practical resources. The look on His face is one of total confidence that you will rise up and over these practice obstacles.

This is a key part of your training in The Warrior Commission. It’s not just in the content of the self paced training or Intel Invitations (Intel Gathering Assignments.) It’s in the every day identification of this good fight and becoming equipped as warriors that overcome.


*My Personal Journey with Learning Styles by Faith Donaldson

Overcoming the lies of the enemy by knowing who God created you to be; and knowing that your learning and receiving style is exactly how God designed it to be.

The majority of my life I struggled believing that I was not intelligent, unable to learn and an overall loser when it came to academics. Needless to say, every day I went to school was a terrifying experience for me. Yet, much to my surprise I found ways to get through my education.

Looking back I now realize I had actually used many brilliant ideas that came to me so I could learn my way.

Later in my life I had a wonderful influential person who could see just how intelligent I was and insisted that I take an IQ test to prove it to myself. The results were astonishing. I really did have a brain that worked! I was brilliant!

What I came to understand is that my learning style never fit the traditional academic world and this is why I struggled throughout my education.

Over the years I have overcome what I thought was my inability to learn by learning how to receive information my way. In other words, I discovered a way to translate any material into a language I can understand.

It is no longer that “I can’t;” it is now, “How will I do this?”

Learning styles impact how you receive and process the information you encounter. Out of the seven learning styles that have been identified you will most likely draw from all of them. There will be one or two that will resonate strongly with you and this is important to understand about yourself.

  • Visual (spatial): You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
  • Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
  • Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
  • Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
  • Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

I am a visual, aural and verbal learner; this is my language that I translate all other styles into.

For example, in High School we had to memorize a speech from a Shakespeare play. I chose Caesar’s speech. I recorded it and played it back while I read the words. I used my eyes, ears and speech to memorize it and I learned it perfectly by repeating this over and over again.

In the Warrior Commission the materials are rich with a wealth of brilliant tools, thoughts, questions and life changing messages. At first I thought the material would be too challenging for me; but I quickly flipped that thought into getting out of the box of the Logical learning style, (which does not work well for me), and figured out ways to receive this valuable information through translating it into my learning style.

Listening to Graham’s CD’s I will often type his words so that my eyes, ears and hands are receiving His message. When I read the written materials I visually translate the words into images or scenes, often placing myself into these images. The material is now what I can personally relate to; no longer abstract.

I have used pictures, music, journaling, creative layouts, and reading aloud the information is received.

If I begin to feel a bit overwhelmed I take a break and then come back to it. I never force absorbing the material. I simply find the access point where I will be able to receive this information.

Stepping away allows my brain to reset so that I can go back and try again. I will do this until I feel my mind and my spirit open up to the flow of receiving with complete peace and freedom.

I no longer feel less because someone else’s style of communication is different than mine—and therefore challenging for me to comprehend. I know it’s just a difference in styles and rest in God’s empowering grace for me. I can celebrate everyone’s unique voice, knowing that what might be difficult for me is perfect for someone else and what is easy for me, challenges others.

It’s never a matter of “right” or “wrong.” It’s knowing how it works for you.

Understanding learning styles is key to “loving the learning” because I learn in my own unique way – just the way God created me. He delights in my learning style just as he delights in yours.