Purpose, Mindset, Organization

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On This Page:

  • Purpose
  • Mindset of Foundations Training
  • Organization Ideas
  • What Each Foundations Stages 3-6 Training Covers


This is your opportunity to get to know more of what TWC has to offer and to explore your identity in Christ and as a spiritual warrior. You will continue to use the Foundations you gain here throughout your Warrior Commission experience and in your life with God. Because understanding God’s true identity and yours is an ongoing journey, Stages 3-6 aren’t about mastering all of that, but gaining tools for a basic understanding, experiencing transformation and knowing how to continue to upgrade your identity as you grow.


In this style of training, it’s good to set the scene for how we think about training in TWC. Foundations Training and Advanced Modules are tools to equip you in your life in God. You will have your own unique way of processing and your own pace. Embrace that. The number one mindset is “freedom.” You are free to just soak in the materials for a few months before writing a single word. Some people journal as they go. Others take notes and then write everything up at once. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Make it your own. One of the common challenges is writing an identity statement. People often want to have a perfect product—and that’s not what this is about. It’s a living document that is meant to grow, change and be rewritten. So whenever you want to change it, you can!

Your first identity statement submission will continue to evolve over time.

You only need a couple of statements to get started. Visit our Training Journals to see examples of other’s statements. Us can use this link or go to Training Journals under the RESOURCES tab. Training Journal 3 – Kingdom Identity has some helpful items.  Both scriptures and prophetic words hold clues to our identity. Have fun discovering them! And that’s the key… have fun with it! Join a conference call on Identity, dive in and post on the TWC Forum (yes, you can “get your brave on” and do it!), take risks, explore and enjoy the journey of it all.


A notebook, or computer file, is pretty much a must. You will be working with a variety of materials over several months and you don’t want to lose the pieces. It also provides a place to take notes.

We recommend a section for each of your Stages.  Each one has its own focus and materials. (Dividers with pockets are great for just collecting notes without processing them yet.) Or you can create a computer file with sub files to keep up with everything. You may also want to include a section for:

  • Conference Call notes (from calls you join or listen to)
  • Articles from Frontline or Training Journals that are helpful to print out
  • Your questions and the answers you discover


With every training, we give a suggested time frame for completion of 3-6 months. No less than three is our only hard and fast guideline. We value your process too much to see you rush. Some people want or need more time and we want to allow for that. The goal is not completion of a time line as much as it is encountering God which produces Evidences of Transformation – listed at the end of each level or module. Unless your training translates into you actually becoming more like Jesus in your perceptions, mindsets, language and actions—then it just a program, not a living process of growing up into Christ. That being said, one of the biggest challenges many face is actually drawing a training module to a close. The process will continue and identity confidence is an ongoing process of discovery.  At times, it is better to consider this moment as a snap shot of your journey so you can complete it and move into other aspects of your training.  Identity and relationship with God are continuous and ongoing throughout all of our training.


Outline of Modules in Foundations, Stages 3-6

These modules are geared toward establishing a strong grounding in relationship with God, identity in Christ and your place in The Warrior Commission. Any of these modules can be experienced as an Advanced Training Module for those who completed their Level 1 training.

  • Stage 3, Identity of Father – Deconstruction/Construction
  • Stage 4, Personal Identity –Coming into Alignment
  • Stage 5, Warrior Identity – Manifesting Your Destiny
  • Stage 6, Identity Inheritance: Pulling It All Together


Foundations Stage 3

Purpose of Training

The purpose of Foundations, Stage 3 is to offer a better understanding of how God works in light of brain science (how God made us) and God’s process of deconstruction/construction, upgrading and transforming us. As we love the learning and lean into our process of growth, we can better reflect the mind of Christ. The Foundations journey continues as we learn more about how God moves through His nature and identity to bring wholeness in our lives. We will highlight the important role our Warrior Nature plays in that process and how God moves through our free will permission to help us become the beloved.

Hoped for Outcomes:

  • Deeper intimacy with Father God and better understanding of how He trains us
  • “Lighter load” to carry because old beliefs/behaviors are transformed
  • Clearer vision of how you are seen by God
  • Increased hope and faith in the face of challenging circumstances in everyday life
  • Upgrades in your ability to hear God’s heart for you
  • Better understanding of warrior nature and heart in TWC
  • Envisioning/Recognizing yourself as the Beloved

Materials Needed:

  • A Bible
  • A journal
  • “Becoming the Beloved” prophetic soaking CD by Graham Cooke
  • Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior: The Warrior Series Book 1 by Graham Cooke
  • Stage 3 related Training Calls – training calls may be found on the Forum in the Warrior Chat group under Events.  Invitations to these calls with additional information if posted on the Forum, and a weekly Call Blast is sent out with reminders of available calls.  Under events, the calls list “associated training” to help you know which calls are focused on Foundations Stages Training.

Sections of Foundations Stage 3

  • Section 1 Introduction – How God does Relationship
  • Section 2 Relationship – Construction/Deconstruction: Mindsets, Language and Perceptions)
    • Who God is and How He does Things
    • Our Story
  • Section 3 Your Warrior Nature-
    • Expanding on Who You Are Becoming,
    • A Warrior’s Heart
  • Section 4 Construction of Livable space –
    • Promises and Provision of the Beloved
    • What the Bible Has to Say
  • Section 5 Activation – Living out loud – Evidence of Transformation
  • Section 6 Taking It Further – Being an Influencer/Raising People Up
  • Section 7 What to Submit