Champion Training Focus

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Champion Training is a year long specialty training beginning in July at the start of our TWC Training year. TWC members are eligible to apply if they have completed Foundations, Stages 1-6/Level 1 and now desire a more focused, challenging training through a small team experience.

You can find Applications through this link or by looking under the Access Tab on this Website under Applications. Due dates can be found in the TWC publications Warrior Update and Frontline or by emailing your coaches at You will received a response before the June/July Ebb.

Focus:  Champion Training members experience a more in-depth training.  Moving through a progression of 4 Focuses specifically designed for this training, you will be a part of a team of up to 15 members. You will have 1-2  dedicated Champion Coach(es) for a 12 month period. Champion Training begins with our Training year in July and runs from July – June.

More is expected of a Champion Training member but, because of the training, Champion members often have new areas of expansion to explore as Champion Alums. In addition, because of the unique and deep transformation most experience, we continue to hold Champion Training Alumni calls to process, connect and share journeys and stories through this lens.

How is a Champion Training different than the Warrior Training experience? Champion Training is designed as a training with dynamic group mentoring. The team will be small, allowing for more interaction. Every member has chosen to be there an has agreed to actively participate and contribute to TWC with focus and passion.

  • Members participate regularly in Team Calls with the same members and coach(es) for a 12 month period. They also have training calls at the completion of each Focus to encourage a deepening and exploration of the materials. This allows for more in depth relational and group mentoring connections.
  • Training Focuses are progressive and build on one another.  They include submission due dates and should be completed within the suggested time frames. Each Training Focus is designed to include highly involved and faster paced material. The materials are developed to challenge you and help your training move deeper and become more established.
  • Champion Training Alumni help build TWC in a place of their passions. This allows for an additional layer of practical experience to go with your training and intercession. In addition, different opportunities to experience a variety of activations are included in the training.

Additional Information:  One of our major considerations through the training is that a Champion is “championing” and raising up others around them. We train with this in mind, first helping you more clearly define your Champion identity and promises while moving through several challenging Focuses into activation.

Members going through this training will need to set aside time for a fast paced and all inclusive training, specifically in the first four months. Even with ebb times factored in, the climb up Champion Mountain is all encompassing. The training is different from our self-paced Warrior Training, in that it has specific due dates along the way. The consensus of Warriors who have completed Champion Training, and are now Champion Training Alums, have indicated significant shifts and deep transformation through the training. Feedback says the Champion Training is extremely challenging and, yet, it resulted in significant transformation and is well worth the journey.


  • Are passionate about the specific Kingdom Assignments of TWC, prophetic prayer and have demonstrated that passion in their interactions, level of engagement and quality of contributions in TWC.
  • Desire a more focused training through a small group mentoring experience in which to engage for the training year (July start)
  • Have completed Foundations, Stages 1-6/Level 1 with excellence and have solid Evidences of Transformation. Any other Training Modules completed should also reflect excellence and transformation.
  • While time of completion is not the highest priority, quality Training Modules completed in suggested time frames are considered a positive reflection of qualities of those seeking Champions Training.
  • Respond positively to coaching, redirection or opportunities for upgrade.
  • Have taken initiative to connect regularly through some of the following ways:
    • conference calls,
    • intercession assignments,
    • Forum,
    • Training Journal submission requests and/or local gatherings or Training Days.
  • Are able to work independently as well as enjoy being a team player.
  • Have a growing capacity to see through lenses of possibilities rather than problems.
  • Have a passion to contribute to the development of other TWC members.
  • Are maturing in the qualities of a spiritual warrior. All their best fights are ahead of them.
  • Do not perceive Champion Training as a goal to be achieved, but a training format that offers an opportunity to better establish, deepen and apply their training. They plan on thriving.
  • Are seeking ways to raise up others around them in their personal areas of passion and promise.