Recess and Breaks

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At times, life circumstances arise that might create a need for a short break or recess. Although our Warrior Training is self-paced and you can ebb and flow through the training as your life ebbs and flows, sometimes a more official season of rest* is needed.  

  • Definition of a recess (sabbatical):

    • Continued membership in TWC, but not an active contributor
    • Continues with monthly fee and receives all materials & has access to Facebook
    • Usually has a specific focus, eg. health issues, family focus, moving…
    • Has a specific length of time – 12 months maximum
    • Keep member records
  • Reinstatement:

    • Send email to our member services administrator at
    • Submit an “Evidences of Transformation” for this time.
      • What did you encounter?
      • What were your upgrades?
      • What were your challenges?
    • A phone conversation may also be set up

Definition of a “break” from TWC:

  • Do not continue to pay monthly fee
  • No services are provided by TWC
  • A reinstatement option without reapplication is available if break is 12 months or less
  • Your member records will stay on file

Reinstatement of those who have taken a break:

  • Same as for those on Recess (Sabbatical).
  • If the break has been longer than 12 months, you will need to re-apply to TWC using the Application Process.

Notify:  *Please note: To allow us to make the administrative changes needed to initiate your recess or break, you must DIRECTLY notify our Member Services Administrator at twc.memberservices@gmail.comOur coaches/facilitators are not equipped, nor have the authority, to put you into a recess or break status.