Warrior Commission “One Team, One Voice”

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The Warrior Commission is made up of One Team, One Voice.

Our members train and connect in TWC through many different ways. Although we may be focused on different types of training or have specialty training options over a period of time, we encourage a Kingdom culture that connects together through unified prayer and training.

As you rise, we all rise with you.

All our Warriors are invited to explore what level of connection works best for you. Some members find connecting actively with TWC options like Training Calls, Engagement Calls and/or Facebook, gives momentum to their journey. Others enjoy working with the materials and require very little interaction with the community.

In intercession, you are a vital part our company of joyful warriors. Through our monthly publications, we share Crafted Prayers of Impact in our outreach and support of Kingdom-minded leaders in various areas of influence. At some point, you will receive an invitation to pray for and submit your thoughts for one of these people/groups as a specific prayer focus. See Intel/Intercession tabs for more information.

But most of all, The Warrior Commission is a time for you to discover or rediscover the joy and intimacy of prayer that is central to our Warrior Commission culture of intercession.

Foundations, Stages 1-2:

This group of warriors are the newest addition to our tribe. They spend time familiarizing themselves with our community. They cover what it is to Live in a Higher Place and take our Intel process for a spin.

For our Foundations 3-6/Level 1 Members:

This group of warriors trains in identity and learns some of the qualities a spiritual warrior carries.  This is a foundational training in our community, so we offer plenty of time to rest, refresh and explore.  The timeframe of Level 1 allows you the opportunity to grasp the many possibilities of The Warrior Commission.  But, before you step into additional areas of training, it’s important to build a strong foundation in your focus on Level 1.

For Members beyond Foundations/Level 1:

Warrior Commission is a place where you can continue your TWC Training and Intercession opportunities for as long as you wish. Level 2 and all Advanced Training Modules can be completed as you journey through this process. Of course, once you complete this training,    you have many opportunities to train in a new variety of ways, roles and teams. Our community unifies and trains in many different ways.

Warrior Commission Training offers a more open-ended, self-paced experience with fewer requirements than the specialty trainings we offer. Many of our members in Warrior Commission are dynamic, dedicated and very involved. Your level of participation and connection is entirely up to you.

If you feel that you might be interested in a smaller team experience through some of our specialty training, check out the descriptions of the Champions Training, Intel Development Training, and/or Leadership Development.  If the information is not on the website or you have more questions, send in your question to the gmail account so our coaches can help you out.