(formerly Training Modules)

You are a Warrior training to be a Warrior Ambassador of God’s heart. You are learning to bring heaven to earth. Training Modules are the individual components of the Training you explore as a Warrior. You may already be practicing your Warrior Identity loving God with your whole heart, and loving your neighbor as yourself, you may be just beginning, or somewhere in-between.

Foundations is the beginning place within the TWC community where you establish a foundation within your own life where scripture helps you anchor yourself in God’s heart for you, how He does things, and what partnership with all of Who He is looks like for you. Each module is designed to make space for God to move in your life. They help you capture and navigate transitions that come through God’s continual transformation moving in you.

These modules are self-paced with no specific time constraints as you explore your partnership with God. They encourage you to deepen in the Father, know who you are in Christ and connect with Holy Spirit. Each module includes specific opportunities to grow and mature as you develop language to better capture who you are in your relationship with God and have supporting Warrior Calls along the way.

All Warriors begin with Foundations Training Modules, then walk-through Transitions (beginning July 2023). Click on the link for Foundations, or Empowering Kingdom Influence to find more information. Beyond Foundations you may explore the Empowering Kingdom Influence Training Tracks, where we have many options to explore more specific areas, internal and external, with God.