Foundations Helps – Identity

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Below you will find videos and suggestions to help you as you travel through Foundations Stages 3-6 Training.  On this page you will find:

  • Videos
    • Introduction Video – Exploring Identity
    • Identity Training Call Video
    • Living Your Truest Identity 1-6
  • Evidences of Transformation Facts
  • Support For Creating Identity Statements

Quick Evidences of Transformation Training Facts

  • Evidences happen all through your journey with God
  • You choose the order and time spent on each portion of training and keep an eye out for what changes in you.
  • Consider creating a notebook for your Evidences
  • Write specific life experiences that demonstrate your growth when they happen. These can be difficult to remember at the end…and easy to do if you’ve made notes. Look for encounters with God for every revelation.

General Training Suggestions

  • Contact your Warrior Coaches at for dialogue as needed, especially if you discover that managing your time and intentionality in your training are challenging. Overcoming this challenge is a common part of Foundations Training. 
  • When you are finished with all sections of each Foundations Stages process, send it to .  Then visit the Completed Training and Transitions page for more information on turning in your training level and next steps.

Resource Support for Foundations Training – OPTIONAL RESOURCES TO ASSIST YOUR LEVEL 

TWC Training Journals:

# 3 – Kingdom Identity

#7 – Powerful Questions

Most Training Journals have examples of “Evidences of Transformation”.


Below are portions of identity statements that can be easily remembered on the battlefield. Yours will be unique to YOU, but should be concise and sharp.

Resist using the poetic language pictures often found in prophetic words or encounters with God. Refine them into what they mean.


Poetic picture: I have sparkling keys that open lost, beautiful luggage for people. Inside are puzzle pieces of identity for myself and others. Together, we discover what the picture is, the treasure it holds and what it means for the future.

Refined to meaning: I am a discoverer of lost inheritances that unlock future destinies.


A Lover of God and the Secret Place

Meditation as a lifestyle

Cultivating a Radiant idea of God, Self & Kingdom

A Deep Thinker. A Lover of Wisdom and the Ways of God

A Father of Process as the Key to Power

Releasing a Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation in the knowledge of Jesus

A Warrior who relishes the fight. A lover of Majesty

To promote the power of the one with the ONE!

Developing and empowering new breeds of warrior


I am an ambassador of Heaven, bringing Heaven to earth by participating in healing, proclaiming God’s word and giving prophetic words of encouragement.

I am a forerunner, paving the way for others to enter Kingdom depths. I pray for insight into people’s lives to call them up into their identity and destiny.

I am a praying wife, mother and grandmother – seeking Heavenly prospective, healing and spiritual understanding for my family. I want to see them as God sees them and I will call out their destiny and identity.

  • A beholder of a majestic God – An accurate image of His goodness
  • A joy-filled worshipper – rejoicing & thanksgiving are my oxygen for a high altitude life
  • My Father’s delight – ever confident in His smile, goodness, affirmation & permission
  • A discoverer of lost inheritances: I open forgotten treasures that unlock future destinies
  • Built for speed, endurance and altitude -I can run any course, any where, under any conditions – Empowered and empowering others to run faster, dig deeper and climb higher

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