Connection at Your Fingertips

We have many ways to connect through The Warrior Commission.  As you move through your self-paced training, we have so many ways to partner with God and enhance what you are discovering:

  • Coaches and Leaders excited to help you
  • Training and Engagement Calls
  • Specialty Training in smaller team formats
  • Regional Gatherings and Annual Training Days (face to face)
  • Facebook questions to process and conversations waiting to happen
  • Ways to help out and connect to TWC through volunteer opportunities
  • And many more resources.

Above all, our passion is to pursue our First Love in the Triune God as He launches you and this Tribe into all we are and will become. We seek to activate the Warrior Advantage we gain through deeper relationship with God and our training. Thank you for partnering with Him so we can rise up and become The Warrior Commission.