Decisions That Define Us – The Warrior Commission

The Warrior Commission – Decisions That Define Us

We have decided to be a prophetic community of worshipping warriors who support and advance the Kingdom through our continued growth as a Warrior Commission on the training ground of intercession.

We have decided to be champions who’s all out passion for God enables us to run harder, go faster, climb higher and endure longer. Momentum is key in everything we do. 

We have decided to be lovers of the nature of God and carriers of His joy.  We celebrate who He really, really is.

We have decided that intercession is not only about a result.  It is about creating an atmosphere of intimacy and majesty for the permission and provisions of heaven to come to earth. It is where we learn His heart and are trained, educated and prepared to become His beloved Bride, equipped to rule and reign with Him.

We have decided to be consumed with the majesty and sovereignty of God, not obsessed by the enemy.

We have decided to be worshipping warriors – focused on joy, thanksgiving and rejoicing.  Our key question under pressure is “What’s the level of worship needed for this battle?”

We have decided to be a living organism, not an organization.  We are a community of warrior friends ~ loving, living and laughing together on our shared journey.

We have decided to be “special forces”, not foot soldiers.  We would rather be a strike force of David’s mighty men & women than an army of untrained militia. 

We have decided that we are looking for adventure, not rescue. We embrace times of adversity as opportunities to see something about the nature of God that we have not seen before.  We want this fight.

We have decided to be responsible for our own blessing, not relying on others to pull us along in our training and development.  We value intentionality with freedom. 

We have decided to live prophetically inspired not pastorally inclined lives.  We are a visionary community, focused on group mentoring rather than counseling.

We have decided that rest is our greatest weapon.  We practice our peace daily and value times of quiet and meditation. 

We have decided to live “present-future” not “present-past”.  Our lives are about who we are and are becoming, not who we have been or what we have done.  It is our joy to cooperate with the Spirit to bring what we will need tomorrow into today.

We have decided to live in fullness, not measure.

We will pray like the adored people of favor that we are.   

We expect outcomes that are abundant beyond what we are asking. 

We believe that it really is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

We are confident that God will withhold no good thing from those who walk fully in His ways!