FB Pages: How To Connect

Facebook is one of our main training resources.  We have pages for all our members and pages specific to the type of training focus you have chosen.

The Warrior Commission: where all our members can connect, new members are introduced.  For General Use Guidelines, link here.  You should be added to this page as soon as you become a member of The Warrior Commission.  Typically, you will be added and then introduced to the community.  If you do not have access to this page, contact Teresa Morrison at admin@twclassorg.local.  As a TWC member, you should always have access to this page, no matter which training focus you choose.

The Champions Team: Training and communication specific to Champions Team training and development.  As a member of the Champions Team Focus, you will have access to this page.  It is specific to the Champions Team conversations and training in this focus.  After your 1 year commitment, if you continue in Champions Team, you will continue to have access to this page.  If you move to Warrior Team, you will be added back to that page and be removed from this one.

TWC Leadership:  Page for communications and training for TWC leaders.