Blueprint Impact Prayers 2019 Outreach

The Warrior Commission created five different Blueprints in 2019, plus the Highway 1 Blueprint. Our 2019 Blueprint Outreach saw many people impacted and many countries are included in these prayers. By the end of 2018, we realized God opened up direct and indirect connections for 4 continents. We see that amazing priveledge continue in 2019.

We also had an additional Blueprint for TWC. Find the Highway 1 Blueprint in a separate tab. Remember, these Blueprints are still actively supporting our Recipients. They are multifaceted and, we believe, possibly have at least a 10 year life on them. Thank you for continuing to pray.

Prayer Focus for 2019 Blueprint Outreach

TCN – This couple pastors a local church and is active in training in the prophetic and worship. As of 2021 – This group shifted into a new building and saw God’s faithfulness through Covid quarantines. Their church membership continues to mature and is exploring new expressions of prophetic worship.

SDJ – This couple is active in leading worship and working with the underground church. Update They continue to create podcasts and resources for this focus. They also released a book written in the midst of stage 1 of their Blueprint journey.

KEM – This minister is active in Asia. She is active in translating many different resources from English to several different Asian languages while also pastoring a church. Her husband had his home going in 2020 so she is adjusting to being a single parent, but has rallied and continues to paster a thriving church. In addition, while creating this Blueprint, we also developed a prayer for all the Asian nations.

AWE – This couple focuses on the education mountain. In fact, they continue to steward current curriculum for homeschoolers and are in the process of creating new curriculum. Recently they moved to a new state and are navigating sharing more about homeschooling education in the midst of Covid-19. In addition, they just added another little one to their family. If you are considering praying this prayer, know the summer is their busiest season with the conferences they attend, speak at and connect people to their materials.

DCM – This minister focuses both on inner healing and running dedicated intercession teams for multiple business owners across Asia. She stepped into managing numerous intercession teams. Wisely, she felt a need to step back and take a sabbatical to prepare for what the Blueprint highlighted in 2020. She continues to explore New Era and what it is to be a pioneer in this time.

Highway 1 Blueprint Impact Prayer – This prayer is a consolidation of a prophetic adventure with God. Coming just before the Covid-19 pandemic, God directed Christine Casten to go to California. (see the Highway 1 Blueprint for more information.) This is a joint contribution of Intel collected on a 15 day journey from Sacramento/Tahoe to San Diego.

2019 Blueprint Impact Prayers

TNC Impact Prayer

Rest & Renewal – We delight in the new thing You are doing in us. Ones who always rest and remain in Your vast love and unceasing faithfulness for us. Thank You Lord for the new depths of intimacy, holiness, life and truth. 

Waterfalls and Transformation

Placed to receive under a waterfall of Your wisdom, majesty and revelation. We are embraced in Your love. As we receive an impartation of heaven’s perspective which upgrades our sight, we say, “Yes.” Specifically, we embrace to this opportunity of rest and renewal in Christ. We allow You to transform us into a new person by changing the way we think. We choose to align our will with Yours and abound in the abundant life in Christ. 

With increased trust and confident security in You, we make ourselves vulnerable to Your goodness. With exalted open hearts of love, we release all past success, expectations, routines and familiar ways of ministry. We embrace our expansion in Christ and Your promises. 

Full Acceptance

With the Spirit of full acceptance and tender affection, we receive a new revelation and fullness in being God’s beloved chosen child. We rejoice in our placement in Christ with the seal of adoption, mark of sonship, and full rights of an heir. Specifically, we know we will walk with a new confidence as the hallmark of our true identity. We know our abiding place in the Kingdom is mighty and powerful. 

With a quiet soul and stillness, we discover refreshing peace found in rest. With patient perseverance set on Your majesty, we mine and learn all the riches of rest in You. This releases a new lifestyle of rest and righteousness, rhythm and anointing. Our faith, confidence and trust are strengthened in who You are for us and the ways you lead us. We remain in Your love and live from our peaceful abiding place in Christ bearing much fruit and a new message. 

SDJ Impact Prayer – Outrageous Possibilities

With renewed hearts and minds focused on Your heart, we receive Your creative revelation that gives us a clearly defined strategy of worship. As Your worship general’s, we wisely steward the leading and equipping of Your army (body). We are instruments to impart this anointed worship music. As a result, we are empowered with a Kingdom melody of freedom, setting captives free.  

Determination and Amazement

We stand joyful and with a fierce determination, not settling for anything less than a sound we have previously not heard on the earth. Certain, we wait for clear instructions on how to translate what we hear in heaven into a sound on earth. This will renew hearts and minds with an oil of gladness, preserving life in many people. 

Overflowing with outrageous joy, we abandon ourselves to worshipping You with one heart and one voice. We are overwhelmed by God’s love. Through You, we see our new territory and are amazed. 

We understand the gift You’ve given us and thank You for it. So, we partner with Holy Spirit in the new, creative way He is releasing it and the new manner He is inviting us to bring our worship to the people of that territory. 

Abundance and Overcoming

Living and singing from a place of fullness and abundance, we encounter majesty like we have never experienced it before. We also delight in awe for the widening and developing of a broader network of people to work with. As You expand and multiply our trust with these people, we lovingly lead them to the territory You’ve entrusted to us. We praise You for accelerating our latter Kingdom influence days to be greater than our former. 

You see us, love us and have anointed us for Your glory. Certainly, we live an overcoming life in Christ Jesus. From this place, we are always filled and fueled by Your limitless possibilities mindset. It is where we witness the miracles of ‘all things are possible’. 

The overflow of our abundant Kingdom life in You sends a ripple and resounding echo of God’s glory into our family, the regions of our ministry and calling, as well as where we reside and our places of influence. 

KEM Impact Prayer

Thank You for this time of rest in Christ. I receive from You as Your beloved one. I quiet my soul in Your heart and open myself to receive Your abundant love, grace and revelatory wisdom. Thank You. The new depths of intimacy with You are rich with peace, hope, joy, and delight, as well as, life and manna.

You release Your refreshment. In truth, Christ’s yoke upon me now and Your Spirit to come in the future make me light and free. Not only do You give me Your strength, You also restore me, causing me to rise up on wings like eagles and fly with You. 

Trust and Abiding

With a new level of trust in You as a loving, abundant Father, I drink deeply from rivers of living water from Your heart to mine. As soon as hope and love spring up in abundance, saturate me in the many new heavenly perspectives shared now. New freedom in Christ permeates how I see and think. This new understanding impacts my language and lifestyle.

Your empowering grace enables me to become all You see when You look at me. As I abide in You, You reveal more of who You are and who You see me to be in You. Thank You for pouring a revelatory anointing out on me. This anointing breathes new life and depth into my personal relationship with You.

Sonship and Transformation

The spirit of adoption and a new revelation of sonship brings me to fullness of my identity as the beloved son/daughter of Christ. In truth, You have robed me in righteousness. I walk in new confidence as a much-loved child of God; highly favored. Knowing my value becomes a solid foundation for my placement in You, I undoubtedly take hold of all my rights as an heir. 

I rejoice in the new transformative revelations that align myself with You, Lord. After all, they bring a new rhythm in Christ, greater spiritual depth, richness in my relationship with You, Lord, and greater anointing as a revelatory minister of the word. Amen

AWE Impact Prayer

Thank You, Father, that You are inviting us to come away with You. We want to get to know You more deeply as our beloved Father. We declare this to be a time of transformation. In this time, You release more fullness of truth about being your beloved son/daughter. Release an expansion in our identity in Christ.

Gift of Rest

Thank You for this gift of rest (Mt. 11:28) where we lay the work aside so we may learn to more fully abide with You. It is in this place of abiding where we will learn to discover the fullness of joy in our ever expanding relationship – more of who You are and more of who I am/we are in Christ.

Thank You that this journey will lay a foundation to open the dream that You have for us and our ministry.  

We delight in the patience You have given us for the process. We are learning to ‘be still and know’,  transforming and deepening our relationship and expanding our fellowship. 


As we surrender our mind, will and emotions to You, this surrender opens space for You to pour Your fullness into each of us. In due time, we will receive a new lens to see everything with Your eyes and with Your revelation. 

As we rest, and patiently we remain in this place of abiding, You will also align our perceptions, mindsets, language and actions with the mind of Christ and the heart of the Father. 

Thank You for wrapping it all in Your grace – Your empowering presence enables both of us to become the person in Christ that You see.

As a result of patiently and joyfully abiding in You, both of us and our family will receive new freedom, a new Holy boldness and anointing for the work of the ministry.

DCM Impact Prayer – Abiding Rest, Renewal & Restoration

Thank you, Lord, for your inestimable love. Thank you that you certainly respond to my desire and invite me to come away with you into the secret place, the hidden place the resting place in Christ.

As I draw closer to you, I let go of familiar handholds so that I can grasp the fullness of all you are. Thank you that in Christ Jesus I am a recipient of all the love you have for him.

Deeper Alignment

“Deeper, deeper, deeper still,” you call, and I follow. Looking into your eyes of love, I see a reflection of myself and the way you see me. After all, soaking in your love, your peace, your joy, your righteousness, I find all I need. Surrendering my desire for approval from anyone but you, your definition of success becomes my own. 

Aligning with your heart, I agree with your ways and trust you to redirect me in a new trajectory that leads to purposes greater than I have ever imagined.

Like a laser, your pure love precisely penetrates my heart, dividing between soul and spirit, freeing me to know greater peace, complete joy, and creating the capacity to receive and ponder your higher ways. Likewise, give me a new way to see, a new way to think, and a new way to process greater truths. 

Connection with You

Chase away anything that hinders relationship and replace them with clarity, confidence, and intentional joy in the process of becoming more like you. At the same time, remind me of how You love me.

As a much-loved child, I choose to hold your hand and trust you when I don’t understand.

Almighty One, I want to dwell in your shelter, and abide in your strength. Without reservation, I run under the covering of your majesty. While there, help me overflow to others with supernatural fruit unconditional love and empowering grace You have poured on me. 

I listen for the song you sing over me and I tune to you. With joy, I respond with my own voice and dance to your rhythms in greater and greater waves of worship.

Opening my healed heart and standing joyfully in a place of shalom peace, I embrace the new. As my Creator, You created me to be creative. You are good. You are faithful. I trust you.

Highway 1 Blueprint Impact Prayer – Unity for This New Kingdom Era

Lord, as pioneers in this New Era, we come together as a unifying force for You. Our ever deepening relationship with You allows us to become “thin places” where heaven enters earth. We tap into Your Creative Nature to discover “how to” apply the foundations of our faith and fight the good fight with humility and honor.


We receive the love of a Good Father who pours out Your abundance on us all. We ask that our submission to Your majestic nature cause us to prefer one to another and celebrate our unique talents as You best position us. We partner with You in this new movement as we confidently rise into the leaders, Fathers and Mothers You created us to be.


May we be transformed from one expression of Your glory to another. May we continue to encourage our transitions as we embrace synergy and creativity through our Kingdom Conversations and treasured relationships.

Thank You that our lives are becoming a reflection of Your heart and majesty. Amen.