Advanced LDT: Train The Trainer


Members in The Warrior Commission stepping into any TWC focused coaching, such as New Member, Warrior Team, Champions Team and some roles in Impact Captains attend this training.  Train The Trainer (TTT) is a specialized training that covers many “nuts and bolts” specific to our virtual community and is tailored to TWC Coaching Roles.

  • Hosting a Training Call
  • Coaching Different Learning Styles
  • Responding to Member Training

This training is a three week preparation for new leaders, as well as existing leaders who want to brush up on their skills.  Train The Training offers an opportunity for additional leadership development geared toward our unique TWC community.

Before training begins, you will receive a link to the Train The Trainer Website which holds more information for your training and PDFs for your processing/preparation for the weekly calls.  The deadline for the final draft for your responses will be given at that time.

This training us usually held in the spring or early summer.