Archive Frontline 2013-2016


  • Frontline, 2016 November – A Year for Transitions, The Key Link, Transitions, Warriors Understand Crises and Process
  • Frontline, 2016 October – Epiphany Conference Highlights, The Nature of Kingdom Transition, Training Day Q&A with Graham, Within Wheels: How God Positions Us, Possibilities: Moving From Inspiration to Realization, A Coach Leads from Identity, Connecting the Dots – Relationally, New Mindsets, How We Connect in TWC, Follow Your Heart in Coaching, Waking Up Your Inner Man Activation
  • Frontline, 2016 September – The Nature of Transition, Moving Into the New Territory Q&A with Graham, Magnet for Kingdom Destiny, A Coach’s Mindset, Robin Hood – Archer Extraordinaire
  • Frontline, 2016 August – Refining the Focus of TWC, Journey to Sonship
  • Frontline 2016 July – Ambassadorship: Living Life on “The Radical Edge,” Prophetic Inspiration: Ambassador of Christ, Focus on Perceptions, How Big is Your Canvas, Key Territory Upgrades, Training and Preparation, The Voice of the Lord, Breakthrough to Followthrough
  • Frontline, 2016 June – Research and Development in TWC; Perspectives, Process and Permissions
  • Frontline, 2016 May – San Diego, Walking with New Members, Turning a Crafted Prayer into a Song
  • Frontline, April 2016 – New Zealand/Autralia, The Powerful Connection of Prophecy and Prayer
  • Frontline, 2016 March – Choosing Our Perspective of the Fight, The Value of Values
  • Frontline, 2016 February – Worship Ebb: Warriors Understand Crisis and Process, Why I Love Training