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Intercession – Caught Up

It’s safe to say my spirit can get caught on things throughout the day the same way that a sweater hem can catch the edge of a nail or door jamb. By bedtime, it is necessary to come to Jesus and basically shower off all the particles my spirit picked up on.  Intercession has held […]

Posted by Christine Casten on October 14, 2021 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

The Painting Challenge

It all started as a challenge from Father God to release and grieve some unrequited relational wounds. I set before myself a healing year and planned to paint 10 grief paintings as a way of processing, feeling, and releasing these wounds through my safe haven with Him, painting. I have been working a year on […]

Posted by Christine Casten on September 17, 2021 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Lost Dreams Found… Discovering the Mystery of Christ in Me

Today I realize that the “dreams I had yesterday are my reality today”. I also see how “the true strength of a warrior is in our ability to love greatly.” We can only love greatly as the Father’s love pulses through our veins. That happens as we recognize that His “battleground is to love greatly” […]

Posted by Christine Casten on August 9, 2021 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Love for the One

God is so faithful to speak to us in the everyday things. I live in a small rural community. As I was driving to town this afternoon to get gas for my mower, I turned on to the main road and there were pickups blocking the road in both directions. It took me a few […]

Posted by Christine Casten on May 14, 2021 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Courage to Run

We face choices every day to compromise our integrity, identity and faith in this life. Living Kingdom to earth takes courage. Choosing to run with God rather than the crowd requires a daily steadfast commitment. We bravely face what lies ahead as we find the courage to run.  Courageous people still face fear. They see […]

Posted by Christine Casten on January 9, 2021 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Building New Wineskins

“Living Fully Present” There are things we cannot take with us when entering a new realm of the Spirit. Human existence has entered a New Era in history. During this transition, when the entire world is swirling with anticipation, we must grab hold of the hem of Jesus’ robe. We are on the verge of […]

Posted by Christine Casten on January 1, 2021 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Under the Radar

Wilderness seasons are times of hiddenness and preparation. This can be challenging on many levels. One of the hardest things to accept is that this is usually a time when we are hidden. Not much seems to be happening on the surface. This time is when God gives us a grace of being Under the […]

Posted by Christine Casten on December 16, 2020 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Moving Out of Spiritual Rip Tides

In times like this we can feel like we are caught in a negative rip tide, carried away by a strong current we can’t fight. Disease, political instability, and the fact that many businesses are struggling create a negative current that carries us out to a dangerous, hopeless sea. At the same time, God gives […]

Posted by Christine Casten on December 8, 2020 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Everything You Have to Give – Building Spiritual Capacity

Have you ever felt you have given everything you have to give? It’s in those seasons we can feel depleted and have nothing more to pour out. This is when God dedicates Himself to building our spiritual capacity for carrying His nature as deeper wells of wisdom, hope, and joy are dug.  Deeper wells of […]

Posted by Christine Casten on November 24, 2020 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Epic Adventures in Our Life with God – The Key to Joy Restored

The prophet told me I was about to go through hell on earth and to hold onto my joy. What? “Perrrr-fect!” I thought, “How do I do that? Joy is some physical thing I can hold in my hand.” I’ve always enjoyed reading great, epic adventures like Lord of the Rings. The main characters are usually […]

Posted by Christine Casten on November 3, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized.

Like a Bride With a Sword

Our walk with God holds many things that make us want to do a double take. When you first get connected to the wonderful permissions God gives us, it seems like there are things that don’t go together. Just like a bride with a sword, the bride is about covenant, while the sword points to […]

Posted by Christine Casten on April 23, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized.

Morning Glory

Not too long ago I found myself enjoying my cozy sleep. The room was dark and my eyes were closed. Then, all of a sudden, a beam of morning light made its way through my window and hit my eyelid.  It was unexpected how quickly that one small beam of light could pierce the darkness. […]

Posted by Christine Casten on February 18, 2020 |

Phone Case Life Hack

People notice my phone case. The picture on it captures people’s attention and draws them to it. It is a great conversation starter. Why? Well, let’s back up just a bit.  My time as a warrior has taught me a few things. One of those things is to pay attention to the times and seasons […]

Posted by Christine Casten on February 4, 2020 |

Joy Unspeakable

Moments like this are hard to describe. These are the moments we drink everything in and enjoy. They are the special experiences that become precious treasures of our hearts.  People often run from change. Change is something that can’t be controlled or predicted. Yet, it’s the changes in us that open us to a new […]

Posted by Christine Casten on January 30, 2020 |

Jesus Brings Majestic Changes

The Lord captivates. Some how, some way, He gently opens my heart to something beyond myself. I am astonished. All my hope is in Him. Jesus Brings Majestic Changes. It may not seem possible, but in a moment, I am overtaken by the beauty of who He is. My mind is blown and no words […]

Posted by Christine Casten on December 13, 2019 |

Warrior Buddies: Fellowship on the Journey in TWC and Beyond

God is connection and relationship. This is the essence of the Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we are made in their image. They made us for connection with them, but while we are still on earth this does not complete our connection needs as humans. The Father created us with need for […]

Posted by Christine Casten on November 12, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Kindness Beyond…

The kindness of God draws us to Him. It’s a powerful magnet, wrapped in His love. His kindness is compelling. It speaks to our hearts, heals our emotions and compels us to a greater love. His kindness changes our minds in how we see ourselves and, ultimately how we see others. As we embrace the […]

Posted by Christine Casten on November 6, 2019 |

Invitation to His Greater Glory

How do we move from glory to glory? It’s a journey to release, embrace and courageously stepping into more. We release the ways of thinking (stinkin’ thinkin’) that don’t align with God’s heart. We let go of false understanding and beliefs as we learn to be with God through scripture and relationship with Him. We […]

Posted by Christine Casten on September 23, 2019 |

When His Heart & My Heart Meet

Not too long ago I was having a conversation with a friend and the topic turned to the issue of character. We talked about the affect it has on anointing and gifting, and it brought me to a time of reflection on what my character looks like. About 20 years ago, I remember hearing that […]

Posted by Christine Casten on August 2, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Run Love, Run

“Where could I go from your Spirit?  Where could I run and hide from your face?” Ps 139:7 TPT What do you do, when all of Heaven conspires against you with the unlimited goodness, tenderness, and loving kindness of the Father?  I don’t know about you, but I ran, and ran as hard as I […]

Posted by Christine Casten on May 20, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

The Beautiful Invitation of Scripture

I have been part of the Warrior Commission for just over 3 years now. One of the most important things I have learned and experienced is how to read and engage with the Bible. No longer boring, dry and distant. I experience Scripture as alive and extremely relevant to me, today.  All Scripture is God […]

Posted by Christine Casten on April 16, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

The Power of Sonship in Jesus

In a dream, I saw a multitude of people at a conference. The speaker shared about the Sons and Daughters of God rising up. The people began to shout and stand up. The excitement of being reminded they were Sons and Daughters of the King of kings flowed through them. The atmosphere was charged.  Then, […]

Posted by Christine Casten on April 9, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Power of the Instead: Heart of the Mountain

What if we aren’t supposed to reach the top of the mountain? What if everything we need it’s at the center? In the heart of the mountain? If our spirit is complete, lacking nothing, then our souls long for what our spirit already is. The things I’m challenged by, simply point to the person I […]

Posted by Christine Casten on March 18, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Believing is Seeing

“There is no such thing as darkness with you. The night, to you, is as bright as the day; there’s no difference between the two.” (Ps 139:12 TPT) I took the two photos above from almost the same angle; one in the spring, and one in the summer of 2018.  Both were taken on completely cloud-free […]

Posted by Christine Casten on | Categories: Warrior Ways.

My Story Started With Becoming the Beloved, Now I Have New Lenses

My journey with The Warrior Commission took me to a place of seeing myself as God’s Beloved. That how my story started, my first identity was becoming the Beloved, knowing that I am His special treasure and how He sees me.  He loves me just like He loves His son Jesus.  That is amazing and so […]

Posted by Christine Casten on February 18, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Multiplying Jesus

Throughout my training, God has worked through me in ways I never expected. I know that my story and journey has been an inspiration, and many people around me have been blessed to see the transformation in me. I have seen God move in the many spheres of influence through me and that He has […]

Posted by Christine Casten on January 21, 2019 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Courage For Such a Time as This

Standing at the beginning of any starting point in our lives, we have great anticipation. We look forward to what this starting point will hold. We dream about the journey and the people we will meet. We consider the incredible promise this starting line holds. We know everything we have experienced is needed as we […]

Posted by Christine Casten on January 8, 2019 |

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Every day we are inundated with images and messages that tell us we’re not good enough, we’re different, and because of our differences, we don’t have value.  The world loves to tell us we are “less than”, while Heaven’s chorus sings a different song, we are “more than.”  As we learn to explore and develop […]

Posted by Christine Casten on December 17, 2018 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

Rest In to Press On

Are you tired?  Are you working hard? Feel like you are banging your head against a wall?  Read on…hope is here! “I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” I was in school when I first read Philippines 3:14. […]

Posted by Christine Casten on December 3, 2018 |

Papa, Where Are My Pants?

Have you ever prayed for something so earnestly, that upon receiving it from Papa, you ran out of your house with such an enthusiasm to share or tell someone about it, that you forgot your pants? No? Well, I did, but thankfully being that it was April in Canada, the cool morning breeze quickly averted […]

Posted by Christine Casten on November 19, 2018 | Categories: Warrior Ways.

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