Blogs and Videos 4 U

Blogs and Videos 4 U – Grab some friends and watch!

The Warrior Commission values YOU!

Even if you are not yet a Warrior in The Warrior Commission,
we still want to encourage, equip and empower YOU.


A way to share what we have learned on our Warrior journey with you. Imagine our excitement for what God is doing in our lives…it’s too good to keep hidden! Maybe it will also give you a boost in your walk with God. Feel free to print them out or share the link. 

The Warrior Commission Now! Youtube Channel

Where we talk about “Practical ways to live YOUR commission now” – as you grow in your relationship with God. Grow, Connect, Discover and Learn – through fun conversations with Christine Casten, Sharon Rudolph and more Warrior friends.  We often post several times a week.  Click here to watch.

Specialize Video Training

Focused training and encouragement for you in video format. These trainings vary from 1 – 5 sessions, have short practical activations and will give you a quick peak into our training process. Some are free and some have a small fee. Grab your friends and do a short training together with them. Click here.

The Warrior Commission Now! Youtube Channel. Look for this symbol!
We have blogs and videos 4 U! Just click the link and learn more!