Warrior Calls

Training and Engagement Calls

Training and Engagement Calls help sharpen your spiritual sword and train you in how to use what you have learned.

Training Calls enhance and supplement your learning process.  

These calls contain a targeted training focus and have plenty of time for discussion.  They draw from the different areas of self-paced training, specialty training or exploration in the creative process. They are geared toward a specific area of training, but all are welcome to join the call and learn/share.

Each call is led by a Director, Coach or a Specialty Training Leader who is passionate about helping you rise to the fullest potential as you navigate the acceleration and upgrades that come with your training.

Engagement Calls are an invitation to engage in your training.

How we live out what we have just learned (or are learning).

They open the door to sharing ideas for what creates sustained transformation.

The calls are about an exchange of ideas for developing the lifestyle of a warrior so will have a point person who acts as a facilitator (not a coach or trainer).  The Engagement Calls have a purpose of connecting through a passion topic and discussions will be filtered through that lens.

Ideas, Topics or Area of Passion to Explore?
If you have the idea of a topic of focus, passion, intel or connection that aligns with our TWC culture, please contact Christine at christine.casten.twc@gmail.com.  We are always looking for new ways to encourage relational connections and build community.