Champion Training Application

Champion Training Application


Qualities for Consideration: We’re excited that you are taking the plunge into this process! Have an enjoyable time reflecting on your TWC journey, so far, and sharing it with us. Embrace the delight of a new challenge and go for it! The questions in the application are for “consideration.” The only absolute requirement is the completion of Level 1. Of course, the more positive considerations you have, the more likely you are to thrive in a Champion Training experience.

Directions: You may write directly into this application and return it during the “open enrollment” period by May 25th of each year to as an attached PDF or Word document. (Check on our Member Website for current information on open enrollment)

Your response to any of the questions should be around 50-75 words, not to exceed 100 words for any one question.

Please attach copies of all Training Levels completed and Evidences of Transformation in separate PDF or Word documents. If you are a veteran member and no longer have a particular training level, please note the reason for that.

Members will be informed of the outcome of their application process approximately 3-4 weeks following submission.



Date of Application Submission:

Month and year you joined TWC:

1) Why do you want to be part of the Champion Training and a more focused, small group mentoring experience?


2) How as The Warrior Commission impacted your life? List the top three most influential aspects of your TWC experience so far and tell us one specific way that each has led to transformation.  (2-3 sentences each).







3) What do you feel is or would be one of your greatest contributions to Champion Training?


4) What are you most passionate about in The Warrior Commission?


5) What are some ways you can see yourself sharing that passion with other members?


6) What is the last Training Level you completed?


Please attach a copy of ALL Training Levels completed with Evidences of Transformation.


7) About how long did each take you from beginning to end (general estimates are fine)?(subtract any months devoted to other TWC training such as LDT/IDT or sabbaticals arranged with Team Leader)



8) Approximately how many Team Calls or Training Calls did you participate in the last 12 months (or since you began TWC)?

If you are not certain, which applies best? Choose one.

6 or more calls

3-6 calls

1-2 calls

No calls


8) Which best describes your TWC Facebook involvement (on any type of TWC Facebook page, including original posts or comments on member posts)? Choose one.

5xs+ a month

2-3xs a month

1x a month

Once every few months

Not a Facebook user

9) Is there anything else you would like to share with us about becoming a TWC Champion Training Member?


If you have general questions about the application process, kindly post on the TWC Facebook page so that everyone can benefit from the answers. If it is a more personal question, email and we will respond as soon as we can.



Thank you for considering Champion Traning!

No matter the outcome, we are so grateful that you’ve pursued this process!