Coaches Afire Training

Coaches Afire Training – Year 1

Coaches Training is a wonderful opportunity for you to expand – Deepen your intimacy with God, your partnership with Holy Spirit, and your Kingdom Identity. Explore new dimensions of the influence and impact your life in God can make in and for God’s Kingdom.

This training adventure is not just about being able to be a coach within TWC. The eleven months of training include activations where you partner with Holy Spirit in God’s development of you. As you train to share the unique treasure God has placed within you, your character is upgraded and polished. and in the process, your commission comes more clearly into view.

The group mentoring provides an environment where your whole self grows. During your training, you can become more Kingdom focused and others focused. As a Son or Daughter of God, you intentionally prepare for how God created you to influence the world around you. Whether you continue as a TWC coach, or take these practices outside of TWC, you will ultimately connect more deeply with God, yourself and God’s design of you.

During Coaches Afire Training, you will be involved in creating transformative calls, working with different kinds of technology, and providing Kingdom focused encouragement and support to fellow TWC Warriors using several media and formats. This exploration trains you in the possibilities of living from fullness. We believe it will leave a positive Kingdom impact on your walk with God no matter where He takes you. Your unique, original Kingdom design has an invitation to shine as you practice your partnership with Holy Spirit.

Training Sections

Kingdom Connections and God hearted passion for others

Influence through Written Word

This section of Coaches Afire training is processed over three months. Each Warrior has opportunity to respond to training module submissions and support Warriors in various Training Modules through email. As a helpful and encouraging voice you are able to create connection with your fellow Warriors through email. We also explore your voice, in writing articles and blogs, for the community. Because this involves practical partnership with Holy Spirit to support others in their journey with God, you will expand as a leader.

Influence through Warrior Calls

This section of coaches training is processed over a two-month block. Each of you has a unique passion and walk with God. Creating training or engagement calls is an exploration of that passion and how Holy Spirit and you can give that away to others through the use of the Zoom platform. The creation of the call, and working with the technology involved, both provide an atmosphere where practical partnership with God is developed and strengthened.

Coaching Influence in Action – Taking It Out for a Spin

For the final three months of the training, you will actively participate in the Coaches Afire Team, and you will host at least one Warrior call. In addition, you also have an opportunity to support the Coaches Gmail and Submission Response team. Your practice in these activities is mentored by a seasoned coach, so you have support all along the way. In fact, this facet of the training includes processing helps to give each Warrior the experience of serving others while going deeper with God.


Coaches Afire Training is a Beyond Limits Training. It is a possible next step after completion of Foundations Stages 1-6, or Level 1. In addition, completion of the Kingdom Lifestyle Training (KLT) – Dynamic Kingdom Interchange (Kingdom Lifestyle 3 Way Listening) is also needed.

If you have completed Foundations, but have not had a chance to take Dynamic Kingdom Interchange, please email us. Inquire about opportunities to take this short 4-week KLT Specialty Training the TWC Coaches at Once these prerequisites are met, you may apply for Coaches Training. Use the Application available under the Access tab on the website.


  • A more expansive understanding of your design and destiny in Christ
  • Spiritual muscles from practical practice with your Partnership with Holy Spirit
  • Because you develop a deeper friendship with Jesus, you overflow into loving your fellow warriors on their journeys with God
  • A greater clarity of what God has deposited within you to give away to others
  • Increased understanding of yourself, how you are wired, and what blesses you in practical service with King Jesus.
  • A clearer picture of what walking out your commission may include.
  • Once Coaches Training Year 1 is complete, you have the option to continue in Kingdom Culture Team Training as part of the Coaches Afire Training (Year 2+), attending the monthly Coaches CoNexus calls, and receive ongoing Coaching Team and one on one mentoring, as you share your passion with the TWC Warrior Community.

Coaches Afire – Year 2+

Once Coaches Afire Training – Year 1 is complete, you have the option to continue to travel together in Coaches Afire Training – Year 2+. This Kingdom Culture Team Training includes monthly Coaches Afire team calls. One on one mentoring continues with a monthly call with a TWC Lead Coach. As a Coach in TWC you share your heart, identity, and passion with the TWC Warrior Community continuing to pour into others as they grow in their relationship with God as Sons & Daughters.

Coaches Afire takes year 1 of Coaches Training further. You continue to train in your journey to impact and influence TWC Warriors in their development. After finishing your Coaches Afire Training (Year 1), you will continue hosting calls, and supporting Gmail and Training Submissions. However, now that you are finding a rhythm, you are training in your partnership with God to expand and innovate who and where you are in the Kingdom.

Coaches embrace the ongoing process of developing and training within TWC. Whether you explore new types of calls, and/or expand on your passions, you have many possibilities. Each month’s Coaches Afire calls include ongoing training and discussion related to our TWC Kingdom Culture and how to live that out inside and outside of TWC. You can also now pick up Advanced Training Modules in addition to this ongoing training.

Kingdom Culture is transferable and is carried with you wherever you go in your journey. In addition, Coaches Afire strengthens you as a leader, a coach and gives an experience of Kingdom team leadership that is priceless. All can be applied in many areas of influence.

If you have any questions related to Coaches Afire, please email Sharon Rudolph at the Coaches Gmail: