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This is a commission into a global community – passionate pursuers of God – that pray together and train together to fully activate our identity in Christ. As Warriors we learn how to build our lives on the God dreams that point us to our Kingdom Destiny.

As Warriors, we train and pray together to fully activate our identity in Christ, pointing us to our unique commission and our commission together. 

  • Prayer, Worship and TWC-wide Calls
    • We expand our Warrior Commission through Warrior Blueprints in strategic ways
    • Prayer brings breakthrough and unity as we link arms together
    • God’s presence shows up in our homes as we connect on-line
    • We believe in unifying under the direction from the Lord
    • Prophetic words for our community are collected from all our Warriors creating strategy for next steps as we each practice hearing God’s heart.
  • Impact Prayers – Unified in prayer for others beyond our community
    • Link arms with others creates Kingdom unity
    • All Warriors have a voice
      • We gather prophetic information from all our members for the Impact Prayers
      • The gathered prophetic becomes a Blueprint for those leaders in that prayer focus
    • Discover the power of prayer, together, in partnership with God’s promises and provision
    • Prayer where authority and breakthrough is released together
    • Connect to our TWC Impact Prayer
  • Forum – Our own member only on-going conversations
    • Allows conversations at any time of the day or night
    • Warrior to Warrior connections
    • Replaces reliance on social media for global connection
    • Videos on prophetic words for each season
    • Event calendar for Training Calls, Local Events and Conferences
  • Prophetic Warrior Conferences – Training & Commissioning  Events – Specific time of release into the commission
    • Global community comes together in person
    • Impartation comes through the training; releasing God’s heart and destiny
    • Strengthens you in identity and your commission
    • Speakers from within and beyond TWC from all over the globe
    • Unique workshops and activations/impartations created by TWC Warriors
    • Who we are becoming is reflected in our worship together
    • Specific prophetic words become songs of worship written by members of our community
    • We experience freedom of our worship as Warriors when we come together
  • Warrior Community Groups – as we come together as one we come away more whole.
    • Regularly scheduled on-line meetings
    • Stewarding prophetic, identity and fanning the flames of our passion
    • Relationship building through connecting with like-minded brothers/sisters around the world
    • Impart our breakthroughs into each other’s lives through what we share and just being together
    • Personal momentum for your life – You are lifted higher in the spirit
    • As one in the One, we move deeper into the Father’s heart
    • We come away encouraged and built up
  • Monthly Warrior Commission Publications – on-going encouragement, revelation and news within our community
    • Articles and Reflections
    • Prophetic Training Focus
    • Fire Starters
    • Member Spotlights
    • Impact Prayers
    • Intel/Intercession Training
  • Member Blogs – Current discoveries of God’s heart and prophetic revelation shared by members

Join the Warrior Commission, become Commissioned as a Warrior: one who champions the cause of Christ and influences the world for Jesus in the way he always intended us to! 

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