Specialty Impact Prayers

Letters from God Series – Newness Advantage

Warriors, let’s pray for Graham’s new book from the “Letters from God,” series called, “Newness Advantage.”  Allison Bown is assisting Graham with the questions in the book.  Thanks for your prayers!


  • We rejoice as Allison explores the depths of Your Newness Advantage.
  • We bless her with earnest expectation to enter new territory in her heart and in her thinking.
  • We anticipate that her relationship with You will be more wonderful when she finishes this assignment.

Thank You for Your spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.

  • You authored these words in Graham.
  • You will author Your brilliant thinking in Allison.

Papa – let people hear One Voice… Your Voice,

  • Declaring the fullness of freedom as You’ve always imagined it to be.
  • The keys of Your Kingdom are hers.
  • You hold all the perfect questions that unlock Truth.
  • You know every point of action that will set the reader free.

We rejoice in who You’ve made Allison to be, for this book and for this time in Brilliant.

  • Your perfect love makes her boldly brave.
  • Your wisdom makes her and all who work with her shine brighter.
  • Your passion for her brings passion for her to work with the excellence You deserve.

One Heart. One Mind. One Voice.

One Author – who can ever and only be You.