Problem vs Possibility Conversations

What’s the Difference Between a Process/Possibility Focused and a Problem Focused Conversation?

Example of a problem-focused exchange:

Jane: “Hi Pat. I’m excited to talk with you today because I am really stuck. I’m just feeling really overwhelmed.”

Pat: “Hey, what’s going on? Where are you stuck?”

Jane: “It’s been a tough few months. I think I’m stuck because I can only see the negatives in this area of my identity.”

Pat: “Wow, that sounds tough. What’s been happening?”

Jane: “Thanks for asking. Let me tell you . . . (Jane goes onto share what is happening.) Hey, Pat, will you pray for this to get better for me?”

Pat: “Sure – I’d be happy to.” Pat now prays for Jane’s circumstances and what has been happening in her life.

Jane: “Thanks, Pat. How can I pray for you?”

While the intentions are good, the focus has been on the obstacles and praying about circumstances.


Example of a present-future, warrior conversation:

Jane: “Hi Pat. I’m excited to hear what God has been doing in your life through your training.”

Pat: “Hey, you know I’m being challenged and growing all at the same time; how about you?”

Jane: “Oh yeah, I can relate; what a journey. In stepping into the unknown with God, I’m finding that there’s an area in my identity that is stirring and getting ready to upgrade.”

Pat: “Me too! Jane, I am seeing that the area of battle is the very area of breakthrough and this has to be true for your identity, too.”

Jane: “What if we share what we’re un-learning and look for the “insteads” that God has for us?”

Pat: “Great idea! I’ve believed that the doors of opportunity will always be closed to me.”

Jane: “Tell me what is on your identity statement.”

Pat: “I am an over-comer of adversity and lies. I am a visionary who sees how the territory before me will be taken. I am . . . “

Jane: “Pat, stop! You said it right there. You ARE an over-comer and a visionary. You’ve got this. God will not close the doors of opportunity to you He has already opened them.

Pat: “You’re right! I need to see myself as God sees me and walk in the authority of who He created me to be. How about you Jane, let’s hear your identity statement.” (And the conversation continues.)

The point of this example is for you to catch a glimpse of how it our focus is different in The Warrior Class. We focus on present future not present past. Who are we becoming? How are we known in heaven?

When we face illness, grief and loss, heartache, prayer is essential. We want to be authentic in our process and acknowledge our journey. Your TWC plays a role in that support in this kind of a conversation. And your prayer support outside of TWC with friends, family or your community will play a very different and needed role.

Enjoy the explorations together!!