Explanation Sheet Round Two


The linked document below contains the explanation behind our processing questions for our Intel Gathering process and for Processing the Key Territories during Round Two. Intel Gathering questions are used to collect team and special training assignments focused on events and people covered in our Blueprints. The Key Territory questions are available to help you personally explore and deepen in each of the eight Key Territories of Promise.

Explanation Sheet for TWC Intel Round 2

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2019 TWC Intel Round 2 Explanation (MS Word .DOC)

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  • Do I always need to use the questions? 
 We sort large volumes of Intel by grouping the answers to each question to look for the main thread God is identifying and associated items. If you are not sure where to place something you want to share, put it in the dreams/vision section.
  • What if I don’t have something for every question? 
No problem. Send us what you have and leave the others blank.
  • Where do I send my intel? 
intel@gmail.com using a Microsoft word document or retype your questions with your answers directly in the email. In the subject of the email, put the Round number – prayer focus code.
  • What if I’m not getting anything? 
It is the process that makes us rich. Enjoy the process of worship, stillness and listening. We are praying because we like being with God, not just for an answer. Prophetic impressions, wisdom or understandings may occur at another time because of the time you joyfully spent with Him. If you arrive at the due date without anything, let an Intel Coach know you have been actively involved. They are wonderfully encouraging! There is no shame and no blame. Everyone can contribute by praying as one voice the Crafted Prayer for the Prayer Focus.
  • What if I have trouble opening the file? First, try to contact an Intel Coach to get a different file format. If you are still unable to open a working file, please retype your questions along with your answers directly in the email.

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