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Member Benefits: Grow with us and THRIVE in The Warrior Commission! As you will see on our Member Benefits page, we have many different ways to support and supplement your training. We also know that training becomes a lifestyle when you live it out with others. So, we also have many different ways to connect to Warriors across the globe. For the cost of a medium priced dinner once a month, you get incredible member benefits.

We are a group of people who help you grow and THRIVE.

As you look through the pages of this website, consider how many different ways God can strengthen you. God has clearly defined your Warrior identity. Know your why. Discover how to live in your commission. These statements are more than words. They hold a wealth of God’s promises that point to who you are and why you are created for such a time as this.

We do have scholarships available for a short time, but have found people tend to be more focused and committed when they sow into the process. Plus all the member benefits are expansive and are far beyond the cost involved. 

Stories of growth and AHA’s, revelation, about the majesty of God!

Find Testimonies from our Warriors who share how they used our member benefits to grow with us and THRIVE in The Warrior Commission on our Youtube Channel: Warrior Commission Now!