Just a touch of your fingertips links you to Warriors and incredible resources. Our Forum is ready to help you connect.

You might ask, “How do you connect and share in an online, global community? Our Forum is one incredible way to build relationships. Think of it like a private Facebook. You can private message, post, be a part of groups within TWC and much more. Warriors want to meet you!

We have a Warrior Chat page for all our Tribe. You can share your latest revelation. You can be encouraged by someone else’s “aha!” Posts can inspire you. Your posts can encourage others. We explore powerful questions. The conversations are limitless.

our forum is ready to help you connect
Our Forum is Ready to help you connect!

Our Forum is ready to help you connect to calls. Call Library makes sure you don’t miss out on any training calls you might have to miss. It is not the same as being on the call, but the recordings are there for you. Plus, you can listen as many times as you want.

We also have our Events Page that contains call links and information about each training call. We update it twice a year, so you can plan out your calendar. This is where you link to what’s coming and prepare for the call in advance. We also have calls that are focused on worship, prayer, transitions, and kingdom culture.

Because the Forum is contained on our member side of the website, you can explore any of our member specific resources. We have spent years creating many ways to support you on your journey. We think of the website like a buffet table. It is always open and full. For example, we have archives of journals, Frontline publications, training helps, and many more things to discover. Join now!