Intro and Foundations Trainings

Bot the Intro and Foundations trainings build you up. The short Intro training sets you up with basic tools including: 

  • Flipping the negative and how to find hope in every situation
  • Creating Impact prayers
  • What is kingdom culture and how do you bring heaven to earth?

Foundations focuses on taking you through self-paced modules that teach you tools for unpacking scripture while helping you develop as a Warrior after God’s heart. Through coaching, you have a place to explore, equip and ask questions. 

As you work through each module of Foundations, you will go through a process, a journey, with the Lord. The questions you explore bring you into a relational lens, rather than focused on getting a “right” answer. They help you assess, deepen, and find personal evidence of your growth through the invitation God has for you to know Him, and yourself, through His eyes. 

Your Journey with Him,

you will capture the evidence of your transformation along the way. These milestones are faith building foundations pointing to God’s heart for you. Through Foundations you will explore:

  • The transforming power of connection with God
  • Aligning with God through identity
  • Warrior identity
  • Wholeness in God’s kingdom

Foundations set the base for your personal building blocks. God opens the door to knowing more of Him and His heart. You increase in your ability to carry His love as you learn to receive more of His love. We include training on identity, emotional health, healthy boundaries, sensitivity to ebbs and flows of life, and character development. 

We have training calls to support each module. Once you complete each module, you will receive personal feedback from one of our coaches. 

We find these trainings are impactful no matter how long you have known the Lord. We have Warriors who have been Christians a few months and others who have been Christians for 60 years. Each shares testimonies of how the relationship with God has grown in ways they never imagined.

Are you ready? Now is the time to begin.