Global Impact and Intercession

Our global impact and intercession have gone beyond anything we imagined. And it continues…God connects us with Christian leaders in many areas. We support them through Intel prayer projects, we currently call Blueprints.

TWC’s passion is to support the body of Christ in three ways:

  • Warrior training – Identity Confidence, Closer Relationship with God, & a Lifestyle of Intercession
  • Prophetic Intercession “Blueprints” for leaders in the Body of Christ.
  • Training for groups, churches and ministries.

Individual Warrior Training

Within TWC, our members find joy in the journey as we discover the transformation, or upgrades (as we call them in TWC), needed to grow up in God and explore all that is possible with Him. Our culture of encouragement allows each person to strengthen in identity and deeper relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit and grow in our prophetic gifts through training and intercession.

Imagine the excitement as we discovered this fact:

The strength of our intercession rises as we, ourselves, develop mature and partner with God.

We learn to view life from a joyful warrior perspective! How? We tap into conversations among our warrior tribe. We use specialized training materials. team coaching and training calls developed within our community (by our membership), as well as outside resources.

Intercession “Blueprints” and Impact Prayers

A unique way to support the advance of others in the Kingdom.  Over the years, God uncovered a unique process for developing prophetic intercession blueprints.

Our targeted intercession encourages leaders in the Body of Christ. We seek God’s direction on identifying, or bringing forward, those leaders.  This process opens the door to relational interaction, walking alongside each other and conversations where we embrace interactive support, feedback and encouraging friendships.  In short, it’s a two way process.

We continually develop Impact Prayers as we steward what we discover through prayer, mature it and create a unifying prayer for people, groups and geographic regions.

For more information or how TWC might be able to partner with you through our unique intercession blueprints, contact

Training Groups, Churches and Ministries

In creating Blueprints we made a fantastic discovery. Leaders receiving those Blueprints would ask Christine Casten and TWC to help their teams and communities train in spiritual development, identity and intercession. We found this was an incredible way to UNIFY, support and encourage the body of Christ.

All of us sow into these Blueprints when you accept the invitation to gather Intel. In addition, each of us Whether you receive a Blueprint or not, we are happy to link arms with you as you build a stronger community and team. These training sessions encourage further development in hearing God, identity in Christ, Kingdom mindsets and Intercession. We activate and train toward a stronger foundation for your group.  Contact us at for more information.