Heritage and History of TWC

A sword in the ground

The Warrior Commission originally developed through a desire to discover a different way to pursue intercession beyond a prayer network format where needs of an itinerant figure were posted and prayed. As our co-founders got together in the Spring of 2010, Graham Cooke and Allison Bown began discussing how to best do that.

Graham’s passion was to develop joyful, prophetic intercessors and spiritual warriors based from what he had described in his books Crafted Prayer and The Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior.

Allison’s passion valued the process of training, which developed through previous ministry experiences. Her background was in communities of worship and prison ministry. She developed essential training and saw the importance of relational connections. She did wonder what was possible with an army of trained intercessors and spiritual warriors. In 2011, they began The Warrior Commission.

This exploration put a sword in the ground and began an amazing journey for us all.  The foundations of what’s possible and joyful exploration created a culture of excitement and discovery.

In 2017, Allison transitioned to work more closely with Graham and Brilliant. They asked Christine Casten to step in and continue the journey of the Warrior Commission community.

Many Swords Together

The Warrior Commission has always been about discovering just what’s possible in the Kingdom. Our heritage is to carry forward this Kingdom DNA of Warrior, Intercessor and Prophetic as we explore limitless possibilities and discover ways to breakthrough into greater depth of relationship and identity in the Lord. We continue to develop and expand our understanding of how to live and positively affect our areas of influence. We explore how we can mature our focus and strengthen our resolve in the Lord.

In TWC, we learn to have the mindset of a warrior matched with a lifestyle of prophetic and intercession. God’s love and kindness serve as a point of breakthrough in our own lives and in the lives of others around us. As we grow in this understanding, we each bring our many swords together to bring impact through our intercession and in all areas around us. We value each person and celebrate what each one brings.

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