How Is Champion Training Different?

How is a Champion Training different than the Warrior Training experience?

Champion Training is designed to be a dynamic group mentoring. The team will be small, allowing for more interaction. Every member has chosen to be there an has agreed to actively participate and contribute to TWC with focus and passion.

  • Members participate regularly in Team Calls with the same members and coach(es) for a 12 month period. This allows for more in depth relational and group mentoring connections.
  • Training Focuses are progressive and build on one another.  They include submission due dates and should be completed within the suggested time frames. Each Training Focus is designed to include highly involved and faster paced material. The materials are developed to challenge you and help your training move deeper and become more established.
  • Champion Training Members help build TWC in a place of their passions. This allows for an additional layer of practical experience to go with your training and intercession. In addition, different opportunities to experience a variety of activations are included in the training.

*  Specialized training opens more options within TWC.  Some of these options might include:

  • writing blogs, articles, training, encouragements to members
  •  being a buddy with a New Member or Warrior Team member
  •  intel/intercession development and coaching*
  •  developing specialized mini-trainings
  •  creating new TWC resources
  •  administrative assistance
  •  responding to Warrior training submissions*

Or anything else you can create. You can submit your ideas and once affirmed, pursue it!

*Some additional training may be required.