Identity and Commission

Encouraging, Equipping, & Empowering You

A person who knows who you are and Whose you are is powerful. Confidence keeps you steady. Intimacy with God keeps you grounded and directed. Identity and commission help you know your position as a son or daughter of God. You pray from that place so poverty mindsets have no place to stay. Yet, you also walk with humility before God and man, learning and releasing His unconditional love.

Identity is key

A person who walks in their identity, through intimate connection with God, learns to live a lifestyle where you pray without ceasing, miracles surround you and your character is strong. You can see God moving in the midst of chaos, while staying still in His peace. You can quickly recognize God’s heart, draw from scripture and know how to live in God’s nature (fruit of the Spirit in Gal 5).


We explore a broad definition of Commission. 90% of our commission includes the invitation to intimate connection with God’s heart through our identity. The remaining part of our commission is an activation, living what we learn in the place of connection and alignment with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We state our commission (invitation as a community) is to encourage, equip and empower you in your commission. In short, our commission helps you discover and live your commission.

To us, this means we help you discover your identity in Christ and help you live in it by training you in how to overcome internal and external obstacles that keep you from deeper relationship with God. You are welcome to listen to Youtube about “Commission Defined”.

We are ready. It is time to encourage equip, empower your identity and commission. Join now.

Align with God through your identity and commission.

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