Impact Prayers – Process


Impact Prayers are a specific type of prayer we create in The Warrior Commission. The term “Impact Prayer” is © copyrighted for TWC and is specific to us.

On This Page: 

  • Impact Prayers Defined
  • Impact Prayer Process


Prayers developed with God through a process of capturing thoughts, scripture and visions through worship, listening, recording and refining. Impact Prayers are laser focused because we are praying with the answer, not to find one. We position ourselves in our God given identities as His children, not as victims or beggars. Over the years, we have seen these prayers make an impact in our lives, the lives of friends/family, cities, regions and nations.


Sometimes God opens a floodgate. Other times He encourages us to ease into the process. If you want to spend little time in preparing your heart first, you can explore these suggestions below:

    • Meditate on scriptures about God’s love, His majesty and His ways to set your internal atmosphere for stillness and listening.
      • Psalm 139
      • 2 Timothy 3:14-17
      • Psalm 27
      • John 15
      • Isaiah 55:8-13
    • Review and mediate on Impact Prayers in the Bible
      • Romans 12:14-21
      • Ephesians 1:15-23 3:14-19
      • 1 Timothy 1:1-2
    • Thanksgiving: Enter into a time of thanking God for who He is and blessings in your life.
      • Psalm 100
    • Find a place of stillness to listen
      • Psalm 46
    • Clarify what you are listening for: an assignment/prayer focus, wisdom, interpretation of a dream, understanding of your promises, etc.
    • Listen for what the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are praying over this.
      • Hebrews 7:23-25
      • Romans 8:22-30
    • Write down your thoughts
    • Go back over a period of days or weeks and continue the conversation for details and depth. This is how we “Ask and keep on asking….” in which God adores His time with you. Don’t settle for the first thing you get. It is an “x” that marks the spot. Explore!
    • Begin to craft phrases that are concise and targeted as to what God is saying. We suggest you start with a target of 6-8 lines. This target helps you practice distilling your words and refining what you will pray. 
    • Once written, return again and again to refine and upgrade
    • Move into confident declaration of who God has said He will be and what He has on His heart to do in the matter you’ve brought to Him.