Impact Prayers

Prayer is an untapped resource in our walk with God. Prayer is powerful, an incredible spiritual tool in our lives. Most of the prayers we pray are prayed TO or AT God rather than WITH Him. We throw prayers at the wall hoping one of them will hit a target. Impact Prayers are different.

What if we could pray as mature sons and daughters of God? What if we could first align with God’s heart and then pray? What if our prayers could make an impact as they release heaven’s promises and provision? What happens when we pray from heaven to earth?

Prayer and deeper intercession are more than words. We develop and mature prayer from deeper places of heart, identity and passion. We grow in three way listening (to God, another and our own thoughts). This growth teaches us to find the arrows God is ready to let fly.

We recognize the value of prayer. We see the impact prayer makes. Impact Prayers help us steward what God has given us. They help us partner with God. They remind us to live and say what we understand God is doing and saying.

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