Building The Wall Of Intercession

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One way to think of the intel process is like building a wall. A wall defends, fortifies and offers protection. It also provides structure and support. In this example, each step of the intel process is like laying down a layer or two of bricks. The base of the foundation is the Lord, of course.

The first layer of bricks is laid through each individual’s submission to their team. The next layer is the combined intel per team, and so on. By the time the prayer points are developed and sent out, several additional layers have been placed. The top of our fortification is set in place as we add yet another layer by praying our crafted prayers.

So, crafted prayers are the result of layer upon layer of intel. By pulling from the prayer points, each crafted prayer builds up our support, adds to our defenses, fortifies our territory and creates an environment for apostolic and prophetic to be released over a territory. This territory can be local, regional or both at the same time! As you write your crafted prayers, you are declaring back to the Lord what He has been releasing layer upon layer through the course of the building process!