Changing the Face of Intercession

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February 2016

Think back to that time before TWC. When you heard the word, “intercession,” what came to mind? For most, the picture showed a beaten down, sour faced person, shouting at God and fighting against the enemy. This picture is one reason I never considered myself an intercessor. That image was not who I was becoming.


Warrior Commission brought a new image to mind: A son, or daughter, of God, seeing the battle ground from a new perspective and partnering with God to displace all the enemy strives so hard to achieve. The person is bent over, but only because leaning down is the only way to see what is happening below. 

This new image contains a person who relishes the battle. The joy comes from becoming a mirror image of his/her Captain of the Host. He laughs in the face of the battle. The victory is His. As intercessors we, too, share that knowledge. As believers, we rest in the knowledge that we win.

Intercession in TWC reflects this new image. The battle may be a serious fight, but we are seriously winning. We are changing the face of intercession by opening new territories and expressing upgraded perspectives of who we are in the fight. We are becoming the One we are beholding and learning how best to enter the fight. In intercession, joy is our right and laughter is our weapon. 


Intel Question Exploration:

We will explore our Intel questions in this space over the next few months. But to begin, let’s address the most basic question:

What is intel in TWC?

* At the most basic level, intel is simply asking God to reveal His heart for that assignment. What is it God wants to do? What is it He wants to release?

  • Intel is also our training ground. It is the place we apply, in real time, what we are learning in our training levels and on our teams about ourselves, our relationship with God and who we are becoming. It is the place where we identify what the enemy is doing and displace it with the goodness of God.