Dream Interpretation

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God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes it is a direct word that is easy to understand, but other times it provides an opportunity for more conversation. Dreams/visions are usually one of those conversation pieces that open the door to more dialogue. Because they are modern day parables, they contain multiple levels of revelation and many types of symbolism.

The challenge in dreams is how to unpack that symbolism. One way to understand it is to think back to high school English class. One of the things you learned was how to look at a story and study the characters, imagery, and objects to understand what the author wants to show the reader.

Interpreting dreams works the same way. We look at the characters, objects and imagery to understand what the Author, the Lord, is trying to say. Of course, the most amazing thing about dream interpretation is that Holy Spirit helps!

One thing to note: Dreams are prophetic in nature and can contain multiple streams of revelation, adding to confusion in interpretation. They can be both a now and future word. They can relate to you specifically and to others, as well. If you feel this is the case, ask the Lord to narrow your focus into one stream of revelation. Focus on it until you feel you have drawn all you can from that stream. Then go back and ask the Lord to help you step into the other stream.

Question: How has revelation from your dreams helped you in your walk with the Lord?

Added teaching: Using dream interpretation books: Although dream interpretation books are helpful, they are general in nature and not always accurate in every situation. I.e. An object described as negative in a dream book may have a positive meaning in our dream. Time unpacking the dream with the Lord first is priceless in helping you understand the context and meaning of the dream.

Dream Interpretation Breakdown

  • What is the source of the dream? God, you, the enemy?
  • Does your dream have different sections or scenes?
  • Who are the main people or objects in the dream? You? Someone else? Objects?
  • What is your perspective in the dream?
  • Are you watching/observing from afar?
  • Are you watching yourself?
  • Are you seeing out of your own eyes?
  • Who are the others in the dream? (Role in your life)
  • Key elements: What jumps out? Numbers, colors, objects people?
  • Does it remind you of any scriptures?
  • What do you feel like God is saying to you?
  • What action needs to be taken? Prayer? Training?

Exploring Regional Intel

A month or so ago, I sat with some intel and talked to God. I started thinking about the upcoming regional focus and decided to take a stab at it myself. As I took it to the Lord, I felt prompted to look up some information about the territory.

As I read through it, something jumped out at me: history of the region had several references to dams. One of the dams looked like it was planned and purposeful. The other came from a hostile source and in the wrong timing.

I highlighted this information and sent it on, not realizing Graham’s word for “Water Level Rising” was for this area.

When the two came together, Allison and I had a beautiful picture of God’s promises; especially His promise of abundant provision as a reservoir and power source for the region. I can’t wait to see what God opens up through other regional intel for the place in which the event is located!