Growing in the Prophetic

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Mindset Upgrade Coming! Most of us want our prophetic gift to grow. We want to offer greater wisdom, detailed prophecy, and powerful intercession so we can shake mountains, break down strongholds, encourage others and establish the kingdom of heaven all around us.

Profound prophetic impact is dependent on listening to God’s voice. Deepening in our understanding of God’s heart comes by allowing the prophetic word to marinate in our time with Him. Unfortunately, many people try to grow their gifts by focusing on the gift rather than on Him. But they have it backwards. As I prayed on this, sensed the Lord say…“Maturing gifts are really a symptom of growth in relationship with Him.”

Upgrades in the depth and breadth of our prophetic gift often come as we experience new revelation of the love of God. The key to the “power” released through a prophetic word rests in the love of God expressed in that moment.

One benefit to the level training in TWC is the opportunity to spend time with God and develop our relationship with Him. The training encourages us to interact with Him, building our understanding of God’s heart. It walks us through the process of hearing from God, writing a word, and allowing it to go through a maturing process as we continue to take it back to the Lord for improved understanding and support.

The Intel and Intercessory process is where we transfer what we have learned through our training to a “real time” application. As we move through the training process, the prophetic gift grows simply because our relationship with God enlarges. Our ability to hear the nuances of His heart increases. Our comfort in talking with Him grows as our understanding of His heart deepens and our perception of how He loves continually unfolds.

Just by connecting to His heart, we grow in our gifts. The symptoms that come out of our relationship with Him are further reaching. The prophetic words released through us become more impactful. The intercession we speak out does indeed shake the ground and brings breakthrough. Just by placing our focus on Him, we mature.

Consider this: As your relationship with God deepens, what changes are you seeing in your gifts?