Intel Question Unwrapped

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“As Graham is pouring out, what is God pouring back into him? How does God plan to do that?”

This Intel Processing question is a way to tap into God’s heart for Graham and how He desires to renew him.

As Graham partners with Papa, Graham continually passes out what he received from God and turns back to Papa with empty hands. This question explores what God will place in Graham’s hands next. Some of what the Lord lavishes on Graham may align with Graham’s identity, kingdom assignments or personal provision.

As you take this question to Holy Spirit, consider:

  • What is the promise and/or provision God releases to Graham?
  • What changes will Graham recognize around him or inside himself because of this refilling?
  • What aspect of God is He revealing to Graham in this moment?
  • What creative avenue will God use to share these things with Graham?

These intel questions are on the website under: “Intercession/Intel”


I love the stories Graham shares through his teachings. Somehow, I can relate to them in so many ways! One story, in particular, reminds me of our opportunities in the Intel process. In Growing Up in God CD2, Graham tells the story of two kids playing.

The little girl has a princess doll. The little boy holds a dragon, which chases the princess all over the room. The dragon corners the princess many times and the princess thinks of all these creative ways to overcome the dragon. Finally, she runs out of creative ideas and is about to be “eaten.”

At this point, the same little boy who had been chasing her with his dragon says, “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!” Unexpectedly, he pulls a helicopter from behind his back. The little girl puts her doll in the helicopter and off they run out of the room, leaving the dragon far behind!

In TWC, gathering Intel is like the introduction of the helicopter in the story. The Lord offers a completely different perspective than the way prayer intercession has operated in the past. We are not facing off with the dragon. It is not up to us to think of some creative way to overcome the situation. We get to jump into the helicopter God provides, sit next to Him and have Him point out the best solution! How fun is that?

From that helicopter, we are in a position of seeing things from the perspective God has for the situation. In effect, we fly over the territory to release God’s strategies and promises. We do not war on the same level as the dragon. We rest comfortably in God’s helicopter above the dragon, which means we cannot be “cornered.” We do not play by his rules. We fight from a different vantage point.

Our intel is not about improving the prayer intercession of the past. God introduced the helicopter into the TWC story and journey. He invites us to jump into the helicopter and expand beyond what we currently expect or understand. Are you ready for a helicopter ride?


Whoop! We just completed our first Intel Development Training (IDT)! We started with –

Module 1: Priming the Pump where we reached up and asked God to put something in our hands to identify, explore and share with others in the training.

In Module 2: Building the Wall, we explored what He revealed to the group. Then, we narrowed it down to what spoke directly to each one of our hearts so we could explore and expand it.

In Module 3: Dreaming With God, we climbed on top of the prophetic wall and looked up in the sky to see what God was dreaming about with us.

The IDT process took us on a “behind the scenes” journey into the TWC intel process and became a place of acceleration, exploration, shift and revelation. The Warriors who participated truly pioneered something beyond our wildest expectations!

Here’s what a few had to say:

“It is like putting a puzzle together and I enjoy puzzles. I enjoy taking pieces and seeing how they fit.” –Juna Light Stayner

“It went a long way to helping me feel really ‘at home’ with Intel, as well as to more fully understand the diversity within the Warrior Commission and the enormous potential for the group’s influence in the body of Christ.” –Barbara Romfo

“This training is causing me to be more intentional in asking questions and researching, as Holy Spirit Leads.” –Susan Morningstar

If you are interested in the next round, probably in fall of 2015, and would like your name to be added to those interested, please let your TL know so he/she can send Christine Casten your contact information.


God released a vision to Julie George through our Intel Development Training. It is a vision that reveals the beauty of TWC and the important place of each individual through each step of the intel process. As we intercede for Graham’s assignments, each of those geographical locations (i.e. conferences) becomes our territory of promise. As you read through it, I ask God to remind you of the special place you hold in TWC and that you would know deep inside that we are all blessed that you are a part of this great company of warriors!

Missile Silo

I saw a silo in the state of Iowa and Kansas. I was sitting under the ground at a beautiful wooden round table and began to receive alphas, numbers and innately knew they were to be put in a specific sequence.

Once placed in the right sequence, the written prayer unleashed atomic power in the Holy Spirit to tear down facades, scaffolding, false structures built around people. The atomic power was wave after wave of unseen heavenly material moving in and through everything in the geographical location and able to enter and influence people by the Holy Spirit alone.

It left the people with tremendous amounts of dignity. They became rested and upright, at peace… They never knew what hit them.

Later as Graham went into the geographical area, he was able to easily minister in the light and love that John speaks of in 1 John. The work became light and easy. People listening were able to easily build beautiful inner gardens and creative meeting places that were unique to their locations and personalities through Father’s kingdom of love. I see that this atomic activity in geography went through everyone in the region not just people in BP/Graham’s grouping. Everyone was given peace and gentle freedom.

As Julie prayed about this vision, she asked the Lord to reveal how it relates to TWC and what it means for each warrior. This is what she felt like the Lord was saying: Our individual work gathered in a humble, unselfish manner is the KEY to create and pray specific prayers, codes, as a team gives us access to Father’s atomic weapons that have never been unleashed before. Each of us has a part. One may provide part of the code and another may put the code in order. Still another may release the missile for flight or guide it on its way. This kind of power can only be released to teams.

She perceived the prayer focused on Graham’s assignments can aid BP/Graham because their ability to work from a rested state will HELP endurance go the whole way into the territory of their inheritance. She also felt these prayers aided everyone else in the geographical area. Our prayers for BP/Graham will have an outflow to others! Our labors in prayer will OVERFLOW to other people! This is a response to Graham’s saying that no one is safe from being blessed by His goodness!