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By: Karleigh Wood
Director of Intel

An aspect of prophetically ministering in the New Testament is to introduce the person of God.

Graham says in A Way in the Wilderness ~ The hallmark of every New Testament prophetic ministry is how they introduce the person of Jesus and who they are in relation to His appearing.

The purpose of prophetic ministry in the New Testament must be to make God radiant to people around them.

I am reminded of an old show I watched where this guy was looking for his future wife and his friends kindly made several introductions for him as he was searching. They would start the conversation by saying, “Have ya met (insert guys name)” and walk away giving the guy room to talk. The prophetic is much the same. We make introductions, give people an opportunity to hear God’s voice and all that entails (His nature, direction, understanding, creation, etc.) and allow God to continue the conversation with them.

We get to make God as amazing as He really is to people.

Our individual voices partnering with His voice is a beautiful thing. No one can quite say it like another. We have a way of saying things that opens things up for a person. You might have a way of releasing God’s voice that is just what the other person needs at just the right time.

As conduits of His nature and extenders of His voice and all that brings, we can help tune people into hearing Him for themselves and facilitate extending the conversation. We can act as an agent of restoration, a conduit of breakthrough, a road sign, a comfort and so much more. Since we have learned to hear Him, we can help others hear His precious and powerful voice. What a privilege to steward, portray and facilitate!

– Karleigh