Is My Intel Right?

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Did I get it right? That’s the question of the day… the question everyone wants to know about intel submissions.

We’ve all asked it even if we never spoke it out loud. The culture of the world tells us the “right answer” is the only answer. But, what if it is not…what if our concern for looking for the “right” answer causes us to be so constrained that our prophetic flow almost stops and we limit ourselves from the freedom of exploration?

What if…and this is a big one…What if we simply trust that God will give us the “right” answer? In Matthew 7:9, He promises not to give us a stone if we ask for bread…If we embrace this thought, then the journey moves us away from focus on ourselves and what others think to deepening in our relationship with our Beloved. The perspective becomes a journey into learning how to hear God’s heart better and expressing His promises and provision in a fuller way.

Question: What freedoms do you think you will experience as your focus shifts toward deeper relationship with your Beloved?

This initial group is now full, so if you were not able to be a part of this first round, we hope you will be able to join us in future training opportunities!