Knowing God’s Voice & Heart is Everything

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Knowing God’s Voice & Heart is Everything
By: Susan Morningstar

Few experiences enrich our lives more deeply than a “heart-to-heart” intimate conversation with someone we know and trust. This ability to communicate the essence of who we are, and receive the same from another, is a great treasure. Of all His creation God reserved this for us, His children, made in His image.

The greatest wonder is that He desired most of all to share Himself this way with us!

To steward this gift well is one of our highest callings…

Graham speaks of the difference between a “blessing prophet” releasing timely and vital words into the hearts of God’s people, and a “building prophet” who teaches people to hear the voice of God for themselves. Both are important; both are life-giving. But we can do neither well without an accurate, ongoing revelation of His heart and nature. Above all, New Testament Prophetic is to make God radiant, to reveal just how wonderful, how amazing and how astonishing He really is!

In contrast to “Old Testament Prophetic”, we speak from God’s heart of Grace and Truth, His voice filled with the Fruit of the Spirit, and from a place of, not judgment, but “assessment” of how much grace and mercy is needed next. It is about “edifying, encouraging and comforting”, and connecting people’s hearts with God, so that they can see something more powerful in God’s heart for them.

God has given us these Key Territories to take, hold and release to others.

UNIQUE of the eight, New Testament Prophetic you could say is like the lymph system in the human body. Positioned in “nodes” in strategic areas, this fluid of life moves wherever it is needed, cleansing, healing, and feeding the body – to accomplish wholeness and wellness. New Testament Prophetic “pairs with any of the other territories”, and with laser precision, moves Papa’s beloved ones deeper into His heart, healing, cleansing and transforming along the way.

In the fight with Legalism, words of patient loving-kindness, spoken into the midst of one’s “failures” and waywardness… flattens the box of “rules”, flings off the weight of “condemnation”, lifting into freedom!
In the fight with Passivity/Mediocrity words revealing God’s joyful passion and desires into someone’s discouraged “stuckness”… catapults them forward into empowered choices and forward movement!

So, beloved, with the apostle Paul, I exhort you to above all the gifts seek to prophesy; but even more, to KNOW Him, from whose Heart all life-giving words spring forth.

– Susan