Limitless Possibilities: The Realm of Creativity

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Limitless Possibilities: The Realm of Creativity
By: Susan Morningstar

Have you ever been told that you’re not creative, or maybe more to the point, have you ever told yourself that? Maybe you were wounded about your creative efforts, compared with others, or labeled your attempts as ‘amateurish’ or ‘not very good’. Well, as Graham so pointedly reminds us, we don’t have a right to be wounded, we have a right to be healed, so it’s time to ‘get over our bad selves’, have another thought, and dive into the realm of creative, limitless possibilities!

Creativity is the power to create, or imagine, in one’s mind; some key synonyms are “originality, inspiration, envisioning, dreaming and inventiveness.” Kind of reminds me of the culture of TWC…we are ‘exploring’, ‘discovering’, ‘pushing the boundaries’, ‘walking off our maps’, ‘morphing’. In this territory we are learning to see every problem and obstacle through the lens of the Father, to ‘flip the negatives’, and look for the opportunities, provisions and upgrades on offer. What is that, if not a creative, ‘out of the box’ way of perceiving, thinking and responding to life?

You may not have pursued that creative spark within that has awakened periodically, but pursued an entirely different career. That most likely was in the ‘will of God’ and He blessed it. But a warrior understands that the “will of God” is not a tightrope, but a broad pasture of possibilities…. What if there’s more?

Christine Taylor recently posted a picture on Facebook that (I saw as) depicting a man gazing out into the vast wonders of God’s possibilities. (see picture above). Part of a response by Teresa Morrison was the following:

“In THE WARRIOR CLASS there’s so much MORE to discover, there is a VAST EXPANSION OF COLOR, WORD and EXPRESSION of the Father’s heart that we haven’t quite tapped into yet…Together, we have the OPPORTUNITY to travel and EXPLORE in the highest level of CREATIVITY and INGENUITY that is possible…”

Maybe you have believed all your life that you are NOT artistic, but what if you ARE? Maybe you have been fearful of putting yourself “out there’” in the vulnerable place of a creative piece that springs from your very heart and soul. What are you believing that would make you fearful? What is your Creator believing about you instead?
Why not take a risk, choose vulnerability to the GOODNESS of God, instead of vulnerability to what anyone else may think…?