Our Gift of Time

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February 2015

A few short years ago, we began joyfully sowing into a gift of time for Graham.  That kingdom seed bore fruit and now Graham has a wonderful gift of time for the year of 2016. 

The kingdom principle of reaping what you sow is still in effect.  In His amazing goodness, God has also given us the TWC Gift of Time.  What do I mean?

I do not think it is a coincidence that just on the cusp of our breakthrough in Intel, we gain a gift of time for that transition.  We stewarded what we had, explored what was possible with the tools we had in Intel and discovered many things about this landscape. But, now God has given us a new, upgraded set of tools so we can launch from the ground we have mapped out.  It’s the difference of trying to draw a map free hand verses using satellite imagery.  This heavenly gift allows us to establish our breakthrough, draw in the details of our map and make sure we hold this ground. 

With any shift, we always have questions.  Those first questions are why and how questions.  Many of those first questions point to the tools or “nuts and bolts” of building.  But I wonder, with our brilliant thinking, if maybe we should be asking:

“What is God opening up to us through this Intel breakthrough?” 

“What is so valuable to the Lord (for this shift) that He also granted us the gift of time?”

These questions open the ground of discovery as we establish ourselves more fully into the 5 year foundation of what has already come in the TWC Intel process.  The how to’s and the nuts and bolts are coming.  We will step into that part of the process soon. 

Yes, Graham is still being covered. We now have multiple facets of covering for him.  Through the crafted prayers you are writing for the 5 targets listed in the February Frontline, through the Impact teams who are taking the reduced number of events Graham is holding, and through our shift in focus for Intel on the teams, we will all be covering Graham and the kingdom ground God has opened for us to influence.  Oh, yes, my fellow warriors—we ALL have an abundance of Intel to seek out and capture in 2016!

Having been on the TWC journey since the beginning, I have found one thing to be true.  Breakthrough means transition.  Transition means we are upgrading and, as we move into that place of upgrade. We get to dream with God on all the possibilities He opens for us to explore once our time of transition is complete.  But through it all, He is faithful and we will steward this gift of time to its fullest! 

Impact Crews

We have several Impact Crews we are launching.  These crews are made up of those who have gone through and completed the Intel Development Training and who have found the Intel process to be a place of passion.  These Crews are specifically focused on various aspects of the Intel process and do not replace a TWC team.  Those in an Impact Crew will remain an active member of their TWC team.