Personal Upgrades Through Our Key Territories and Key Territory Prayer Points

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July 2016

“The mind of Christ is not about spiritualizing logic or rationale, it’s about traveling with wisdom.  It’s about seeing the future.  It’s about understanding that this is who I am, this is where I am going, this is my story, this is my journey, and everything has to keep changing because I am being changed from one degree of glory to another and every one of those changes involves my vision and the way I see things.”  –Graham Cooke, The Mind of a Saint, disc 1

Our exploration of our first key territory focus is well underway.  One of the things I have discovered as I have immersed myself in each one is how much more I get to embrace about myself and about who God is for me.  He takes me into a place of dreaming with Him and helps me recognize how those dreams are in motion…bringing all of heaven and my future into my present. 

Over the past 12 months, through my journey, I’ve seen the Key Territories

  • Point to new and/or upgraded identity statements. 
  • Open a place of healing and wholeness
  • Shift my perspectives on who God is for me now
  • Help me behold more of His majesty so I can become (step toward) more of what I see
  • Open a space of dreaming
  • Provide a place of deepening
  • Inspire better conversations with the One walking with the one
  • Identify places of promise in my life I’ve never seen before
  • Release new provision for what God speaks over me
  • Break open doors toward greater intimacy
  • Overwhelm me with His love
  • Undergird me so I am positioned for the “next” He brings
  • Move me to deeper expressions of His heart
  • Transform me in ways I never imagined

As you prepare to record and send in your journey for your current team assignment…what are you seeing?  How is your future becoming your present?

Below are some Prayer Points developed for you to consider.  As an additional exploration, create a crafted prayer for yourself and/or TWC from these Prayer Points to pray each time you step into your exploration.

Prayer Points: Key Territories 2016

Thank You, Lord, for the richness that comes to our hearts as we partner with heaven, soak and explore in this training ground of our Key Territories. We embrace the fullness and abundance of all you have on offer in this season.

We lock up

  • Distractions
  • Busyness
  • Passivity/Fatigue
  • Surface exploration
  • Limitations and lack
  • Poverty mindsets

We unlock 

  • The storehouse of revelation and wisdom surrounding us
  • Courage and grace to discover the internal territory each Key Territory has to offer
  • Heavenly protection over every TWC members as they immerse their open hearts to these territories
  • The space and the time for the precious treasures to be seen, mined and refined
  • Limitless vision to the possibilities available in each Key Territory
  • Fuller truth and language of our corporate and personal identities as ambassadors
  • And step into Your rest and peace as we abide in You


1 Thessalonians 3:12 “And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you, so that He may establish your hearts….”

Through these Key Territories we establish the depth of God’s heart to redeem internal and external ground through greater revelation; so that our lives and light reflect loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We partner with process as we grow up and into Kingdom ambassadors and establish champion mindsets in these territories.