Possibilities Available with the Key Territories

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Possibilities Available with the Key Territories
By: Karleigh Wood, Director of Intel

Key Territory exploration opens the door for us to experience a myriad of upgrades in many areas. They are yet another tool to enable God to shift mindsets and perspectives through prayer, personal intel gathering, taking personal internal ground, and impacting others in our areas of influence. Oh, how we relish this!

–  A few possibilities with these Key Territories are but not limited to:
–  Process through the questions in Frontline
–  Pray and explore more promises for Graham related to His persona
–  Explore your persona related to each Key Territory
–  Create crafted prayers through the Prayer Points
–  Journal the language you use in each territory
–  Journal mindsets and perceptions in each territory
–  Get creative ~ Create a storyboard of images, a painting, songs, verses, poems, movies, etc.

Utilize a Key Territory for a situation you are processing through:

– What new scriptures did you discover? How did you use them?
– What is your testimony? Share it with us at: twc.intel@gmail.com
– How did you use the Key Territory to impact your sphere of influence for others?
– What did you discover in the process of this?
Share it with us at: twc.intel@gmail.com

Go deep, get creative, dream big and extract all you can in your Key Territory focus for each month. God has a lot of treasures for us to discover along the way!

– Karleigh