Prayer Brings Change

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March 2016

Graham’s time in Australia and New Zealand always brings fabulous stories of hope, encouragement and life in the clash between two kingdoms.  Because of our warriors living on the ground, we claim these areas as our home territories. We have released amazing breakthrough in our intercession for Graham and took fabulous ground in the past.  Now is the time to move into our army mode as Archers and aim those arrows to “thud” forcefully into the target!

I had a vision of our prayers parting the troubled waters so Graham could walk through on dry land: the currents of the enemy held back by our prayer focus and diligent covering.  The people of both countries are hungry.  They have a contested territory and are crying out for more of God: God’s deposits in Graham release freedom, excitement and intentionality…it certainly did for us. 

For those teams that have gone through an Intel Training Call, you have heard how our prayers partner with heaven and pour out like an enormous pitcher of pure water into a glass of dirty water.  The dirty water represents how the enemy tries to cloud the lives of the Saints…but the pure, unending flow displaces that cloudy water and the water in the glass becomes clear.  Continue partnering with our warriors in Australia and New Zealand to shift the atmosphere!  Use our prayer points and focus our crafted prayers to expand the flow of momentum, keep the troubled waters at bay and remove cloudy vision to bring clarity, intentionality and passion. 

“It is in our DNA to create space, to open up safe places, and to change the atmosphere where we live.” – Graham Cooke