Prepare Now for the New Exploration!

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 November 2015

As we prepare for our Ebb, this is a great time to reflect on how Intel has shifted over the last few years.  Sometimes we get focused on the moment and forget how far we have come.

  • We started off as an intercessor network where we individually prayed for Graham.
  • We moved into community and started turning in our findings.
  • We developed processing questions and explored how to use them, sometimes using the questions, sometimes not.
  • We streamlined the intel questions and began to formulate a strategy for combining the information to distill it and build from it.
  • We discovered similarities in the Intel and began to identify key fights.
  • Now, we are stepping into a whole new exploration in our Key Territories.

We walked off the map a long time ago into an unexplored land.  We meticulously covered the new land, mapping out the territory we explored.  Some of us were even able to take that discovery and apply it to other areas of influence.  

Now, we are stepping into another new territory that is yet to be explored!


It reminds me of an Easter Egg Hunt.  We built a new house and are now standing on the porch, waiting for the signal.  We have our baskets in hand, expectant for all the sweet treasures we will find.  2016 is the signal to run!  We will step off our porch and run through the yard, delighted to discover the hidden promises and provision God placed there for us to find.


As you move into your ebb, I encourage you to dream of all you will find.  I encourage you to delight in the possibilities of what we, as a community, will uncover together in this next season.  

What is the greatest obstacle to stepping into a new territory or mindset? 

“Truth should change the way you see something. It should, therefore, then, change the way you think about something, and then it should give you new language to start using. If truth has not impacted our perception, mindset and language, then it has not impacted on you because perspective, mindset and language are the three major ingredients of identity. When your identity gets an upgrade, it’s because you’ve seen something, you’re thinking something different, and you’ve translated that into words so that you can pray it back to God, you can talk about it to other people, and you’ve got a language to combat the enemy.”

Except from TWC Training Day, Radical Permission Q&A (for more, go to resource tab and locate “TWC Q&As with Graham.”