Reflect and Form

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January 2015

The TWC Intel process is a prototype of what is possible in kingdom prophetic intercession. As Allison highlighted, 2014 was a year to take ground in the area of Intel. 2015 will focus on establishing ourselves in that new territory before we move forward again.

As we enter 2015, we have the opportunity to reflect on a few questions:

–  What did I personally discover on the training ground of Intel?

–  How have my Intel submissions shifted over the past year?

–  What do I hope to see expanded or deepened through my submissions this year?

We made great strides in our Intel process last year. With team calls and Intel Development Training (IDT), we consolidated our focus. Through IDT, we began to dream about what is possible. Now, we are breathing life into new areas of Intel by allowing some of those dreams to form into reality. Reflecting on what we explored and identifying what we found in this new territory allows us to expand the impact of Intel for Graham, TWC and whatever doors God opens for the future!