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June 2015

“The need for us as leaders is to do more than just develop the people that God has given us. We have a whole territory to take. We have a city to take. We have a region to take. We have a state to take. What we are fighting for, really, is the nation, and the nations. So at some point we are looking for the walls of our church to fall flat, and we are looking to reinvent ourselves in terms of a Kingdom company of people rather than just a church collective.” -Graham Cooke From PASTORING PEOPLE PROPHETICALLY

Graham says it best when he talks about our Christian walks as a constant process of reinvention. We have two options. We can go through the process of a complete overhaul approximately every three years or we can embrace the ebbs and flows of process and shift a little bit at a time along the way.

The ebb and flow rhythm of our TWC experience is something we all learn to love. We have seasons of flow where we explore and launch into new territory and then we have seasons of ebb, where we fine-tune the current focus. This is a time where we take what we have and reassess the possibilities for what is coming. We are training toward what is possible, not what is familiar. Therefore, we cannot afford to sit back and relax just because we have had success. It is time to climb to the new altitude available for intel.

As those of you who made it to Portland realize, we are entering into a new flow for intel. We are on the early side of our shift, exploring the territory, dreaming with God, and looking over the expanse of what comes next. It is another grand adventure and we are excited to discover what the tide will bring in!

How are you discovering the rhythm of ebb and flow for you within TWC?

Exploring Intel Processing Questions

Question 4:

How does God plan to do that during this assignment?

This question draws from question 3, which identifies what God is doing in this community. It takes the idea of promise and turns it into provision. 

In other words, question 4 asks: 

How will God fulfill that promise? What is He providing so that promise comes into being?


Is it material resources, mindset shift, new or renewed vision for leaders? The list of possibilities is endless.

With question 4, we are looking for the keys to breakthrough and readying the prayer arrows that will hit the target squarely in the bullseye.