Relational Synergy

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August 2015

“When Warriors join together, they become greater than the sum of their parts. There is a far superior power released through warriors cooperating in the kingdom. Unity releases exponential anointing and power.” –Graham Cooke, Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

Intel taps into two key areas to release an ever expanding anointing in intercession. The quantum leaps we take in our growth process combined with the exponential power coming through a unified team create a space for Intercessory breakthrough. 

Our personal journey establishes the foundation for our growth in Christ.  It stretches and challenges us to think outside our internal box and allows God to reform our perspectives. This is where we practice our daily dialogue with God: expanding in our skills, embracing spiritual growth and developing our ability to recognize the nuances of His heart. 

Running tandem with our personal journey is how our story weaves through our relationships with our leaders, teams and other warrior class members. These relationships expand us beyond our own areas of influence, connect us with other’s experiences and victories and allow us to look beyond ourselves.

God releases a superior power through unified focus. When we hold up a focus, such as a conference where Graham is speaking, we tap into both our current personal growth and combine it with our team’s collective wisdom. Cooperation, unity and relational connections open the way for so much to consider. 

  • Consider that as each of us grow, our starting point for prophetic revelation in intel moves to a higher altitude…
  • Consider what happens when each of our personal upgrades join together with the upgrades of our team’s members…
  • Consider how a community of ever developing warriors cooperates to become greater than the sum of its parts…
  • Consider how the promise of exponential anointing and power explodes out from our unified Warrior Commission Intercession to take and hold new kingdom territory!